If you are ever having a bad day, bookmark this post and read it until you are full of gratitude for the life you have now.  Without even meaning to, we take for granted our health, our independence and freedom daily.  What if all of that was not even possible due to a life long disease?  How would you make the most of your life if you were given a second chance?  How about a double lung transplant?

Our Member Spotlight focuses on Christine who is so full of inspiration and motivation to live our own lives to the fullest.  Christine became a welcomed F4F Member and are incredibly grateful to have her in our presence!  Read on to fill your cup with gratitude and appreciation for our everyday lives.


Tell us why you joined Fit4Females?

I have Cystic Fibrosis, for most of my adult life breathing was a struggle.  In October 2015 I was lucky enough to receive a double lung transplant!

Now I want to do all that I can with these wonderful, healthy lungs.  First thing on my list was working out with Fit4Females.  I have always admired Trina’s healthy lifestyle and positive attitude.  I feel so unbelievably lucky to have received these lungs, I want to honour my donor and be as healthy and active as I can possibly be!

What thoughts did you have before joining Fit4Females?

I was nervous.  I had been inactive for so long, I was not sure how I would make out.

Tell us about your first Fit4Females workout  

It was incredible!  Trina asked if she could share my story and the response was so unbelievable.  So much support and encouragement.  It was a challenging workout and it felt amazing.

Why do you love Fit4Females and the Team Leaders? 

Everyone at Fit4Females is supportive and helpful.  I feel very comfortable there.  Team Leaders are always there to help (and show me the lower impact version of the exercise lol!).  All of the women are approachable and many have helped me with exercises.

What improvements have you made since joining Fit4Females?

Although I have only been exercising with Trina for less than a month, I feel stronger!  I can do squats!  I am also not as hard on myself.  Trina’s positive attitude is contagious.  I am now a part of Train with Trina Online Program!

Any encouraging advice you can share with our Readers?

Fit4Females is truly a welcoming, supportive environment.  I feel totally comfortable at all times, even when I have to sit out on a set or do the low impact version.  I can not say enough great things.  Thank you Trina!

Spring into ACTION!

You are worth any self improving investment you make.  Consider this your calling!  It is time for you to take the steps in bettering YOU.  Join us in an Award winning Boot Camp or Stroller Fitness Program.  We will support your personal journey in health and wellness and together we can achieve greatness.


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