I recently experienced a bad attitude in one of my workouts. I am generally a very positive person but I was having a moment where I was beating myself up because this workout was “not my best”.  I thought to myself “does your attitude suck Trina?”  I head into my workouts knowing what I am capable of, how fast I can run, how many reps I can perform, how much weight I can lift, etc.  I head into my workouts with a great attitude “I’m going to smash this” and even when I start to think “I can’t do this, my heart rate is too high, etc.,” I remind myself that “I can do it!”  My attitude completely sucked during this workout.  Has this happened to you?

Does Your Attitude Suck?

We all have moments when self doubt settles in.  We set high expectations and we are our worst critics.  I had let discouragement and disappointment settle in and I had to change my thinking.  What would I say to my clients right now?  “Stop focusing on what you did last week, what you lifted last workout, how many times you did or did not workout last month, change that negative attitude!”  This is useless thinking.

Have you ever found yourself discouraged, disappointed, feeling like a failure, like you were letting yourself down, comparing yourself to others, like you could have done better, like you should have done better etc.?  Here are some helpful tips that help me battle through when my Bad Attitude really sucks:

Does Your Attitude Suck?  Try these Tips:

  1. Stop comparing yourself to others, you will never be them because you are YOU and you rock!

  2. Get it done and stop making excuses (I can’t, I’m too busy, I’m not strong enough, that person is better than me, etc). PERIOD!

  3. Do more of what you love. Take a class, cook, dance to your favourite song. Build your confidence and self worth.

  4. Be willing to fail. It’s the price of greatness and when you fail you grow.does-your-attitude-suck-challenge-change-you   When you fail, don’t give up, do it again and do it better!

  5. Visualize: “This workout is going to be amazing, I am a rock star!”  If you don’t believe it, it’s not happening.

  6. Pick an exercise monitoring tool. I love my heart rate monitor and I journal every workout. You should see some of the stuff I write in there.

  7. Stay relaxed and stay positive.  Practice this every day.

  8. If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. If you want easy then you will never grow. Challenges are worth all of the rewards of your hard work.


Enjoy the journey and path of the challenges that you face.  You are already amazing the way that you are but you have to start to believe it.  I live by high standards and I would never achieve anything if I didn’t believe it.  I am off to the workouts that I know, positive and working towards bettering my weaknesses.

Leave your comments below and share this link with someone you know who might need a “pick me up”.  I know you can do it but the question is, do you?


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