I have been doing research and talking a lot about the power of food and how ridiculous it is that we have to make these crazy choices when we are in the grocery store.  We have food right in front of us; fruits, veggies and guess what?  Half of these foods are genetically modified from the soil, the farmers, and from the government who allows it.  We buy all of our fresh food and then we end up eating tons of pesticides.  If food is genetically modified it means that it is no longer in its natural state and possibly on the dirty dozen list…. GASP!

Dirty Dozen?  My urge to YOU!

Not everyone can afford to eat organic.  When I made the switch it was a slow process and I started with what I thought was most important; the Dirty Dozen!  Take a look at the Dirty Dozen list and choose based on what you eat the most.  Then I would say, “okay, can I afford to eat that organic?”  Or can I get that from a farm?  If you are in Stoney Creek, there is an amazing little place called the Farm Fresh Country Market.  The owner goes to the local farms and checks them out herself.  I have been buying food there for years and it is non GMO!

Check out the list!  How dirty do you eat?

dirty dozen

I really want you to think about the crap that we are putting in our mouths.  When you are buying produce, you need to look at where it came from; was it purchased from Mexico, is it garlic from China?  Is it a perfect piece of waxy fruit?  If it is perfect, you probably don’t want it because it was probably genetically modified, or sprayed with some type of pesticide.

Time to get serious!

I want you to get serious now.  I don’t want you to get neurotic; this is not going to happen over night.  I just want you to start to become more aware.  Out of the 12 items on the Dirty Dozen list, I will not buy them unless they are organic, or non-GMO and pesticide free.  TIP:  Produce with a softer skin is more important to buy organic then produce with a harder skin.  TIP: bananas, not really important to buy them organic unless they are cheaper.  There are different little tricks of the trade!

I am here for you!

Start thinking about this stuff.  Remember, it starts slow.  I now eat generally all organic but it did not start that way.  It was an 11-year process of slow and steady to what I could afford.

Do you have questions?

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