Why is your midsection being stubborn and holding on to belly fat?  Here is the biggest diet fail and why you have extra belly fat.  Tons of my clients struggle with their midsection and extra fat.  Belly fat can be uncomfortable, frustrating and dangerous for your health.  The good news is you can do something about it right now and I have a challenge for you.  Side note, stop going on DIETS!

Biggest Diet Fail Live with Coach Trina

Lack of Sleep is Making you Fat!

Excess belly fat can be caused from being sleep deprived and not to mention belly fat increases our risk for a heart attack!   The number one Diet Fail is not getting the beauty sleep you need.

When you stay up late watching Netflix, surfing social media and party time wine at nine because WOO HOO the kids are in bed you are increasing your belly fat.  It’s sucks but it’s true.

Sleep deprivation increases cortisol which is NOT the hormone we want to be overproducing when you are trying to lose weight and body fat.  Your muscles can’t heal and grow so get cozy in those sheets and get yourself to bed.  Think of sleep as a beauty treatment and a reward.

It’s not cool to be pumping cortisol from lack of sleep.  Cortisol is meant for Lions and Tigers and Bears OH MY!  Remember the Wizard of Oz?   A healthy DIET is a balance of nutrition, fitness, wellness and sleep.

Lack of sleep symptoms will include

  • Feeling moody and emotional
  • Making poor nutrition choices *pizza, donuts, take out, drive thru, Wendy’s
  • Increased cravings for sugar and carbohydrates
  • Cortisol spikes (which does not help with weight loss)
  • Problems making decision because it affects your brain health
  • Lack of sleep is associated with Type 2 Diabetes

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Sleep Diet Challenge

Record on a sheet of paper for 14 days:

  1. Time in bed
  2. Wake up time
  3. What time you shut off all electronics at night
  4. Measure your Abdominal Area:  On sheet of paper with a pen!  Do this for 14 days and review it.

Measuring your midsection

To measure your waist accurately, exhale and wrap a measuring tape around your bare abdomen just above your navel (belly button). Don’t suck in your gut or pull the tape tight enough to squeeze the area.
To compute your waist-to-hip ratio, first measure your hips by putting the tape measure around the widest part of your buttocks. Keep the tape measure level. Then, divide your waist size by your hip size.
Measurements that signal high risk
Waist (inches)
Waist-to-hip ratio
35 or more
0.9 or more
40 or more
1.0 or more

Source *Medisys

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