It’s World Incontinence Week.  We all know that CrossFit got bashed for the Video they posted about women peeing during their famous WOD’s (Workouts of the Day).  Now Boot Camps and Personal Trainers are getting a bad rap because of the lack of education in Pelvic Floor Dysfunction.  Make sure you pay attention to your pelvic floor function and remember that “it is not normal to pee your pants ever during a workout!”  Choose Trainers and Programs that are experienced and address these issues.  If you are not sure, ask!

Remember that not every workout needs to be hard core all of the time.   Don’t forget to take things down a notch and make sure that the Trainers you choose are experienced.  Pelvic Floor is always addressed in our Stroller Fitness and Boot Camp Programs.

Pee during workouts

Hopefully Ryan Gosling got your attention!  Not long ago I wrote two Blogs Articles titled “It’s Not Ok to Pee Your Pants” and “Why do I still Have a Mummy Tummy” that addressed Pelvic Floor Dysfunction.  Thankfully we are getting the word out.  Not all CrossFit, Boot Camps and Personal Trainers are created equal.  Make sure that the facility you choose and Trainers you are working with are educated about Pelvic Floor Function.  If you are having issues, they need to be addressed.  It is not normal to pee even a little during exercise so take it seriously.

I have been a certified Fitness Professional and teaching group fitness for more than 15 years, nine of that in Post Natal fitness.  I am a certified Bellies Inc. Trainer, a CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer, Tabata Bootcamp Trainer and much more.  I know first hand about Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and have experience dealing with pelvic floor issues in all types of women.


Click here to watch the Video about Extreme Exercise in Women.

Fit4Females can help so contact us anytime.  Please share this post, awareness is so important and the more we get the word out the more people will gain knowledge of this serious situation.  r.

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Yours in health, fitness and nutrition,

Trina Medves

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