It’s that time of year again, school is almost out for Summer!  I always loved this time of year as a child because I could think of creative things to give the Teachers.  Now that I am a Mom of three, I am even more appreciative of Teachers, especially the great ones.  I was lucky this year that my kids had excellent Teachers and so we came up with some creative things to fit each of their personalities.  We are obsessed with Mason Jars in our house so it was very fitting to have each of my children design their very own special mason jar filled with goodies.


I  enjoy sitting with my kids and asking them to tell me what their Teachers like.  It’s so funny to hear what they come up with.  It’s sweet that they pay attention to what the Teachers like and what they do during their day.  This year they told me things like my Teacher loves “salads, sweets, fishy crackers, pasta, red pens, my teacher needs pencils because she is always complaining that we take them, my teacher really wants highlighters, my teacher doesn’t like Starbucks because it’s too far, my teacher loves Tim Horton’s and drinks it every day, etc”.  It’s really sweet to listen to.  Let’s face it, Teachers have a huge impact on kids so this is a small way to give back.

What You Need


Mason jar, pipe cleaner, anything fancy to go around the pipe cleaner.  We added Sharpies, pencils, eraser ends for pencils, highlighters, a stick of their favourite glue, organic teas and a special gift card.  Get creative and let your little ones decide.  These gifts can work for Daycare, Preschool and Elementary or High School.   I asked each of my kids to think about what their Teachers used and what they would really like so each jar is customized to each Teacher.  We left the lid off and added it at the back before we wrapped it in clear wrap.

 I hope the Teachers enjoy it!

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