Stress, anxiety and depression are amongst so many of us over the Holidays.  I say F-it!  Forget all of the presents that nobody needs and start living with less so you can spend more money and time on the things you love.

I have a tendency to be super Type A focused and stressed so I have to remember not to take myself so serious all of the time.  The beauty of working with me as your Coach is that I’m a straight shooter, there is no BS, I will get you to get it done and accountability is my thang!  I will challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and face your fears.  It’s YOU against YOU!  Here is some behind the scenes de-stressing.

Behind the Scenes for Train with Trina in her robe:

See how easy it will be to workout at home?  6 knee repeaters on each side, 6 squat kicks on each side, 6 lunges on each side – repeat 5 times in total- The Train with Trina Program will include real workouts that you can do at home, this was just a fun segment for you to see the crazy side of me.

Are you ready to Transform?

I know you are considering making YOU a priority and I don’t want you to hesitate.  I want you to jump in with me two feet in!  These are just two of the hundreds of ladies that I have helped transform.  Are you tired of not getting the results you want, tired of saying you will start tomorrow and are you at the end of your rope?  Train with Trina is the answer!

Tomlyn Matthews B&A FinalTomlyn Matthews lost 12.2 lbs. in 8 weeks

“I became part of the drive-thru herd every day filling myself with sugar and junk food.  I was unhappy and I knew I needed to change.“

Trina’s Program made me realize that your mind is a very powerful tool. You can do anything if your mind is pushing you towards it.  I’m happy , eating healthy, and I’m exercising. 

“The energy gained if I have to rate it; I went from a 5 to a 10” – Tomlyn Matthews

#1 Sara 8 weeks nov side

After 6 months, Sarah is still Coca-Cola free, is 26lbs lighter, lost 6% more body fat and 17.8 total inches – Sarah Hallett

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