I posted this freebie in my Trina’s Transformation Tidbits blog and I wanted to dive deeper making this a Clean Kitchen challenge.  It starts with the food choices we bring into our home.  Take the challenge with this Kitchen Clean out Freebie checklist.  It all starts with mini steps.  This is one of the tools I provide to our 28 Day Challengers to succeed in their weight loss, meal planning and health and fitness journey and I’m sharing it with you champ!  You can do this.  Are you up for the challenge?

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Clean Kitchen 101:  Start Small

Read the labels and start replacing foods that fuel a healthier you. Start by cutting back on sugar, alcohol, desserts, chips and replace it with things like natural fruits, herbal teas, kombucha and real food that grew on the earth.  Try the Salted Almond Protein Squares.

HOLD UP… take a good look at your kitchen, the fridge, what’s hiding in your cupboards, the packed pantry – and replace things that might tempt you with better and more fuelling foods!  This is a process and we can do it together.  Jump into my Free Facebook Group for Support and let me know how you are doing using #Fit4Females,

Ingredients be Warned

To name a few, artificial sweeteners, OSE additives (glucose, fructose), MSG: mono sodium glutamate, added salt or sugar to canned and pre-packaged items, trans fat, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Sodium Nitrates and Sodium Nitrites.  Go for ingredients you recognize the majority of the time.

Protein Powders can be an issue:  Take a look at this Ingredient list for The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Soy (AVOID!): soy protein isolate is added to a TON of vegan fitness products, especially protein bars (read the labels!).  Beyond being one of the most common GMO foods, soy is highly allergenic and can have negative effects on thyroid health with steady use.  For these reasons and more, I HIGHLY recommend avoiding this ingredient at all costs.

6 Kitchen Clean Out to Do’s

Mini steps champ!  Replace items with too much added sugar, reduce processed food, trash old expired items, organize it so it looks inspiring and makes you happy when you open the fridge, cupboard or pantry. These are helpful tips for you to get back on track! I threw in two easy and clean recipes for you to help with those cravings!  Grab the freebie here for the entire checklist and free recipes.  It’s simple and will make you feel accomplished.

6 Clean Kitchen Challenge Tips 

  1. Have a homemade juice, soup or salad daily to curb hunger
  2. Choose oil and vinegar dressed salad as opposed to caesar or creamy dressings.  Experiment with different dressings
  3. Choose fish, turkey and chicken over hamburgers and heavy red meats
  4. Reduce the amount of unhealthy snack options in your house. Fuel up with healthy options like Salted Almond Protein Squares, *which can be frozen
  5. Have a cheat meal.  Splurge on something and decide ahead of time
  6. Find a new veggie, fruit or food to bring into your house that you haven’t tried.  I love endive!

Bonus Tip

Drink 1 glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you consume.  Replace alcohol with kombucha or Perrier / San Pellegrino in a fancy wine glass


Easy and Clean Recipes ideas here

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