Happy Cinco de Mayo.  I grabbed my amigo Margarita Michelle and me Tequila Trina to bring you a fun 5 Fitness Moves to get your hot tamale working.   Mexican nachos, burritos, tacos and 5 Cinco De Mayo Fitness Moves.  It’s all body weight so let’s get warmed up and leave me a comment below if you found this fun and inspiring.

Cinco De Mayo -Trina 5 Fitness Moves to get your hot tamale working Video

 Trainer Tips

  • Always WARM UP first and foam roll if possible *Goal is to increase heart rate, warm up the body and muscles and reduce the risk of injury
  • Always listen to your body, complete full range of motion
  • Never work through pain, progression is the goal
  • Don’t sacrifice form for speed
  • Cool Down: 5-10 min – Always stretch and foam roll, gentle tension no pain
  • Schedule your workouts as an appointment in your calendar
  • Rest days are important and stretching is a MUST


Cinco De Mayo Workout:

  • For demo purposes we did a shorter version
  • Try 30 seconds of work, 10 seconds transition to the next exercise
  • X 5 rounds or whatever feels manageable for you
  • Always start basic and progress accordingly

Move #1:  Sangria Skipping

Get a rope and jump!  Progression double unders.  Option to mimic skipping by having your hands to your side and skip.

Move #2: Piñata Smashes

Knee drivers.  Bring arms over head and imagine you are smashing a Piñata stick over your knees.  15 seconds per side.  Using your ABs and total body.

Move #3: Cerveza Skaters

Side skaters.  Reach out in front, and move side to side, stepping with your back foot behind the front. Keep a steady pace.

Move #4: Loco Lunges

Alternating front lunges.  Front knee does not go over the front toe and there is a 90 degree bend for the front and back knee.  Chest up, shoulders back and down, add your arms for a bicep workout.  Progression is to add a hop to the transition.

Move #5: Tamali Touchdowns

Single Leg touch down.  Hips square to the ground with a flat back.

Finish off with Siesta Stretches

Celebrate responsibly after 🙂

Earn your Cerveza

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