Get your heart pumping with this Cardio Core Quickie Workout that is perfect if you are strapped for time but want a quickie that will strengthen your body.  Planks are a great way to strengthen your core without crunching.  If you have been sitting all day get up and get moving.  Get a mat, start your music and start the timer.

Cardio Core Quickie Workout 


Cardio Core Quickie Workout move #1

60 sec of Front Plank into a T plank alternating sides

Cardio Core Quickie Workout move #2

30 sec L Side Plank, 30 sec R Side Plank

Cardio Core Quickie Workout move#3

60 sec of Ski Jumpers side to side

Cardio Core Quickie Workout move #4

30 sec of Weighted Calf Raises

Cardio Core Quickie Workout move #5

30 sec of Burpees or Body Weight Squats

Cardio Core Quickie Tips

  • Always warm up first and consult your physician before you start a fitness program
  • Preform each rep with good form, tecnique, full range of motion and work within your limits
  • Repeat the cycle for 3 rounds
  • Increasing progression: add weight to the planks and squats
  • Nutrition: Nutrition Challenge – Add flaxseed to your daily routine. Try it in smoothies, salads, as a breading for meats, etc.

Bonus Burner Challenge

Add 5 Burpees or 5 pushups and a max Front Plank hold every other day for 30 days.  Be sure to track your progress.

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