Your body will happy to add bird dog as a great exercise to correct “rounded” posture and building the backside booty and hamstrings.  Here is how to do the Bird Dog Exercise properly.  Start with body weight and progress to a mini band.  Download this free Butts and Guts 10 minute workout.

butts-gutts-iconHow to do Bird Dog Exercise

This exercise is effective for the backside of your body (aka posterior chain), core and more.  Technique is important for reducing injury and targeting the correct muscles.  Watch this short video and start building your booty.

How to do it Right

  • Start with body weight only in table top position, long spine.
  • Knees about shoulder width apart.
  • Hips in line with knees.
  • Shoulders, elbows and wrists in a straight line.
  • Lengthen your back.
  • Tuck your chin.
  • Spread fingers apart, engage your core, light on your hands to protect the wrists *image “pushing” away from the floor.
  • Press hands firmly into the ground to engage the lats *this is a GAME changer.
  • Remember to breathe.
  • Progress to single leg up, point toes toward the ground, engage the glutes and hamstrings (back of the body).
  • Pause at the top of the lift.
  • Create tension in the air.
  • Progress to single arm only.
  • Harder: Try opposite arm and leg *imagine punching with the fist when you raise, and kicking the leg to someone behind you.
  • Progression: Add a mini band as you get stronger.
  • Shoulder raise: Add a side arm raise body weight only or very light dumbbell.
  • The more tension you create, the more effective this will be.

Common Mistakes with Bird Dog Exercise

  • Letting the “belly sag”, keep your abs/back engaged.
  • Rounding the spine, stay long *avoid using your back, imaging kicking someone behind you hard.
  • Lazy legs, keep both active.
  • Holding your breath, inhale and exhale.
  • Rotating the hips:  keep them toward the ground.
  • Not engaging your lats (bra line area).

Hello Beautiful Booty 

Get started! Do the bird dog video above, that is step one.  Then:
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Trina Medves xo

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