Big News Live with Canada’s #1 Fitness Instructor Specialist! I am doing a Facebook Live Tabata Workout Every Day in December and giving accountability prizes away!  We all need to create better habits so I am making it happen.  My booty needs a serious kicking to stay on track for the Holidays and stay away from the holidays drinks, appetizers and slacker workouts.  I went Live on Facebook asking who wanted to join me every morning for a Facebook Live Tabata Workout every day and the response was incredible.  I know you can commit to 4 minutes.  Check it out and leave me a comment on the Facebook Live Video here with the hashtag #TWT if you are in!  All of the workouts will be POSTED below in case you are one of the people that does not have Facebook you can still watch!  Let’s do this but first…

Facebook Live Tabata Workout Before you Start

  1. Click here to LIKE our Fan Page for all of the updates *workouts will be recorded for playback
  2. Leave me a comment here and copy this:  #TWT I’m in for Fit4Females Tabata with Trina
  3. Hit the SHARE button in the video below and invite a friend 
  4. Join our 12 Days of Christmas Challenge here 
  5. Workouts start at 7am on Friday, December 9 and will be LIVE Monday to Friday at 7am *varying times on the weekend
  6. Leave me a comment below and tell me why you are joining #TWT Tabata Workouts
  7. Workouts will be mostly body weight and a warm up and 4 minute Tabata round
  8. All you need is a clear space to workout
  9. Make sure you are cleared for exercise before you start and progress at your own pace
  10. Invite a friend and be active on social media with the hashtag #twt to win win win!
  11. Be accountable with me
  12. Catch the replay if you miss it

Workout #1 Squat Jacks / Football Runs 2×2

    1. The workout starts at 12.55 leave me a comment #twt I’m in with you Trina
    2. TIPS:  Try and move first thing in the morning, lay your workout clothes the night before, have breakfast and meet us on our Facebook Page 
    3. Progress at your own pace

Facebook Live Tabata Workout Announcement

We are Doing it! Are you in for Facebook Live Tabata Workout

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