Life is busy and most times the priority of taking care of ourselves is last in line.  Many of us feel “guilty or selfish” when we take time out for ourselves or head to a class for a workout.  The results of this lands us in front of a mirror “hating” our bodies.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  Hard work, healthy eating and a decision that it’s time to make yourself a priority is key in your success.  There is a reason why flight attendants tell us to put on our oxygen masks first.  You cannot take care of anyone until you first take care of yourself.

Tricia is a busy Mom of two and she has never described herself as a “small” person.  Tricia spent many years describing herself as the “big girl” and being on the “upper end of the clothing scale at a size 14-16”.  All of that has changed for her today.  Tricia’s story is inspirational not only because she lost a ton of weight but because she changed her thoughts about herself, her thoughts about fitness and she has completely inspired her family and many others. We hope Tricia’s story will inspire all of you to get up and make yourself a priority.

Tricia Wilson’s Incredible Transformation


All of us can have a success story.  We have to make a decision to put in the work, change our eating habits and make it a priority.  No shakes, no diet pills no fast track program just hard work, eating clean and changing our life and sleep habits.  Here is the Journey of one of our members…I am proud to share this incredible transformation with you.

Tricia Wilson Before

Tricia Wilson Before

“I’ve always been an active woman who was content and accepting of the way I looked.  I enjoyed life, and it never significantly bothered me that I was on the upper end of the regular clothing sizes found in stores.  “This is me” so I thought. Size 14-16 (a 12 on a good day, depending on the brand!)   Then I became a mom.  At the “tender” age of 36.

Wanting to remain active with my child during maternity leave, I Googled “ Stroller Fit, Hamilton” and up popped “Fit4Females”.  Hmmm, close enough to where I lived.  Ok, I will give it a try.  And my life became changed forever.

I began attending the Friday Stroller Fit Class over 4 years ago when my first born was 8 weeks old.  I had put on 53lbs during pregnancy, and hoped to eventually return to my former weight. But more importantly, I needed to get active!

Those first few classes were a bit intimidating-this awesome looking woman (who had 3 young kids but never looked it) as the trainer, my false sense of “being fit” myself (holding a plank on my knees for 30 secs was like running a marathon), and these other mommies who seemed to know each other so well. (plus add in a breastfeeding infant who needed to feed halfway through class no matter what)…well, it look a lot of strength to keep coming!  But soon, things started to “click”.  That trainer started calling me by name, and giving me personal pointers in class, even though it was a group class.  I started hearing her message “Be the best YOU, you can be, don’t compare yourself to others”.  Those other mommies began chatting with me and I found out that they were going through some of the same things as me—I wasn’t the only CRAZY mommy out there!  And so I persevered.

By taking only one class a week, I returned to my pre-pregnancy weight when my daughter was 10 months old.  Yes, ONE class a week.  How?  Trina Medves gives you the means to “do it yourself”.  She gives ideas on how to incorporate exercise into everyday life with your kids.  She has monthly challenges on her website (FREE!).  She uses social media to reach out daily to you to remind you, support you, challenge you because each and every member is important to her and YOU ARE WORTH IT.  She is human,-honest with her feelings and the challenges that life brings.  She doesn’t make you feel less than if you aren’t “perfect” –she gives you the support and encouragement to take a step toward better.  She cheers your successes and believes in you when you may not believe in yourself. She is not just a trainer. She is a Life Coach who happens to love fitness!

Tricia Wilson After 1

Tricia Wilson After

But my story doesn’t end there.  Far from it.  At that 10 month mark, I was blessed to find out I was expecting again!  This time round, I was much more active during my pregnancy, and mindful of my eating habits. (Oh yeah, still indulged, I’m no saint!)  I gained just 22 lbs this time round.  Not that weight gain is reflective of much, but still, it was a very different pregnancy.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend classes during this time as work had to come first.  But I remained connected via Trina’s website, blog, Facebook page, and newsletter!  And I was back in that Friday stroller Fit class when my second born was 6 weeks old!  And this time, I don’t know WHAT happened, but I lost another 45 lbs!  Not only did I lose the baby weight, but another 23 lbs beyond that!!  And I have kept it off for over 2 years!  This is the NEW me!  I am now wearing size 8 to 10- sizes I have NEVER remembered buying as an adult.  I am able to hold a plank on my toes for over 2 minutes.  I have upper body strength I’ve never had (some kudos goes to those 2 kids of mine for that though!)   I CRAVE coming to class.  I have reworked my work schedule so I can attend Friday classes, not just for the workout, but to see the friends I have gained over the years at class.  I ran the Fit4Females 5km last year, and I am NOT a runner!”

“My journey with Fit4Females is ongoing.  I can’t wait to see where it leads me, and am completely enjoying the ride along the way!  Where will your Journey with us lead you?”  – Tricia Wilson

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