I want you to take the time to be vulnerable today.  Chances are if that sounds scary, you need it the most.  Being vulnerable is one of the most difficult things to do because it opens us up to the possibility of getting hurt. What would happen if you just took a change to be vulnerable and let go?

Be Vulnerable and Let Go

Would the world fall apart?  Would you fall apart?  There are more risks by not being vulnerable.  The problem is that you can’t receive unless you are vulnerable so opening up is necessary.

I probably never would have gotten married had I not met my husband 17 years ago.  I was the person who decided to be the least vulnerable, never putting myself in situations that could hurt me.  I had built the strongest “Fort Knox” wall barriers possible.  My Dad always called me “the General”.  The problem is, building a defence wall doesn’t allow you to grow.  Thankfully my husband came in and chipped away at that wall one small brick at a time.  Owning your story and all of your imperfections is the most powerful thing you can do.

Courage to Vulnerability

What are your Triggers

I want you to to take a look at what is stopping you from being vulnerable.  Ask yourself:

  1. What am I really afraid of?
  2. What will happen if I let this person in?
  3. What will I miss out on if I don’t let this person in?
  4. Am I afraid of failure?
  5. Am I afraid of disappointing myself?

In my 8 week Train with Trina Program I coach on these topics a lot.  People don’t realize how much your mind and thoughts affect your weight loss success.  If you are ready to change your life, join me in my 8 week Online Train with Trina Program. 

Change your thoughts and be vulnerable

It’s all in your thoughts and how you approach it.  Start with some small things you can do to start building trust in yourself.  The strongest people are those who are vulnerable.  You have to be vulnerable to be strong.

Take some much needed time to focus on what’s really important.  Most things can wait, you never know when you will get another chance to spend that extra time with the ones you love and make yourself available and vulnerable.  Challenge yourself to pull away from all the things that seem important but they are not.  Be vulnerable.

Go ahead and take a chance today.  What’s the worst thing that could happen?  You get hurt and learn a lesson that only makes you stronger?  Sounds like a win win!  Do you have a vulnerable success story?  Share it with us in the comments below.

Thanks for reading and please leave a comment below!

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