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My gift is transforming women's lives. I am known to be relentless in helping women achieve their best self. I was awarded the 2016 #1 Fitness Instructor Specialist in Canada, 2015 Top 3 Fitness Instructor FINALIST for canfitpro, and Hamilton's #1 Fitness Trainer for the 2015 Hamilton Spectator's Reader's Choice Awards. I can get you to your best self. I am Mom of 3 and I will teach you all of the tools that I use myself for success.

Immune Boosting Latte

By |2018-11-04T16:13:34-05:00June 23rd, 2016|

Immune Boosting is important for health and weight loss.  Trina's Transformations Tidbits included my favourite Daily Immune Boosting Latte without the caffeine.  Move over Starbucks, I'm sharing my favourite at home immune boosting latte that [...]

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