This month’s Motivation of the Month Challenge (MOM) is a quick but difficult one.  I’ve done it many times and boy does it hurt in a good way!  Enjoy this workout and be sure to warm up before hand.  If you want to make it more challenging and use it as a workout, repeat it more times.

Fitness Challenge  (2 min to start, 4 min of Tabata, 1 min finish in plank)

Note: 5 squats or plyo jumps every min on the minute (this move will start and finish the challenge)

1 – do 5 plyo squat jumps OR squats to start then finish the minute with Low skaters

2- do 5 plyos squat jumps OR squats then finish the minute with alternating lunges or jump lunges

Tabata Challenge right away (2o sec on, 10 sec off)


 ABS – scissor / flutter kicks

ABS – straight leg lifts (lower abs)

2 frog jumps 1 burpee (180 turn repeat – add a pushup burpee if advanded) Beginner: Air Squats only

Repeat this 2x only resting 10 sec between each set

Finish with 1 min of Plank (add toes on medicine or stability ball for difficulty)

Nutrition:  No eating 3 hours before bed.  Include fresh veggies at every lunch.  More local and organic produce.  Drink more water

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Yours in health, nutrition and wellness

Trina Medves

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