Arugula Pesto Egg Sandwich healthy recipe for the win.  I started growing my own vegetables including Arugula at home, check it out here.   You can fry an egg or try my perfect hard boiled egg recipe here.  Perfect for a quick protein grab and go.  Get notified about more recipes and my New Fit4Females Recipe Book coming soon here.


Arugula Pesto Egg Sandwich Recipe

Eggs pack full amino acids (which our body needs) and a lot of protein.  If you are vegetarian, try this sandwich with fried tofu.  It’s quick, easy, healthy and packs a bunch of nutrients. The protein and healthy fats will fill you up too.


  • 2 pieces of toast (one if you are watching your carbs)
  • 1 tbsp pesto (so easy to make, try this recipe)
  • One handful of arugula on each piece of bread
  • 1 egg fried or soft or hard boiled, top with arugula
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Optional tomato on top

How to Make:

  • Add butter, butter ghee or a bit of oil in the pan for fried eggs
  • Boil or fry your egg as you like
  • Toast the bread
  • Spread the pesto on one or both sides of bread
  • Add arugula to both sides of bread
  • Lay the egg on top
  • Add salt and pepper toast
  • I like to add a bit more arugula on top of the egg
  • Optional” top with tomato

Trina’s Tidbits Recap 

  • Eggs are a great grab and go
  • They are full or protein and amino acids
  • Get on the list for my Fit4Females Recipe Book here.
  • Try this gluten free Pesto Egg Salad recipe
  • Breakfast Egg Avocado Boat recipe

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