Be grateful for the things you love.

Having worked with so many women over the past 12 plus years, I can say that I know for certain that we are all more similar than we think. The difference is that many of us internalize our stressed, anxious and worried feelings rather than talking about or confronting them.

I find myself getting caught in the daily craze of being busy most of the time running a business, a family and a marriage. Dealing with my internal chatter, “I don’t have time for this, I can’t stop for that, I’m too busy, I wish I had more time to complete my “to do” list. How does that person handle their busy life and seem less stressed? Am I doing enough with my kids? Am I reading enough to my kids? Am I living the healthiest life that I can? Am I going crazy?”

Today I have decided to be extremely grateful for my health. I am reminded that life is so very short and you cannot predict when illness will hit you or your loved ones. Good health is the best gift of all. It is better than your six pack of abs, smaller thighs, the perfect body, face, the biggest house, etc.

I am reminded today that my world changed in April 2011 when my last living parent was diagnosed with Cancer. This was a very healthy young full of life man. My world fell apart when I heard the words “your Dad has a few months to live”. Just days after his 54th birthday.

I found myself taking on this “acting role” of being the strongest person I could be, digging deep and stuffing my feelings of upset, anxiety, sadness and utter terror aside, for what was about to unfold. Listening to all of the friends and family who kept telling me “you have to be strong, you are always the strong one, you will get through this”. When all I wanted to say was “are you kidding me, that’s ridiculous! Please just let me feel”.

I knew that I had to be strong for my Dad. What I did not know, was that I was going to feel so terribly awful when he passed only 7 short weeks later. I am not the type of person that likes to cry. Although I know it is healthy, it feels terrible. This is something that I was about to learn to do.

My experiences have taught me that it is extremely important for us to feel the most uncomfortable and painful feelings in order to be able to grieve, grow and be healthy all around physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and sexually.

It is important to stop daily during our very busy lives and remind ourselves to take deep breaths in times of stress and emotion/worry/anxiety. We must be grateful for what we have today, not tomorrow.

There was never a time when my Dad was dying that I thought “I wish I had more time to clean my house, organize my junk piles, answer emails, teach classes, etc”. All I could think about was “I wish I had spent more time with him instead of being so busy answering all of those “pressing” emails, tidying up the dishes, picking up after the kids, running around as though everything was an “emergency” every day, etc.”

Our time is precious right now. A healthy mind is what controls how we view the world as well as our health.  We just forget to remember that daily. I will treat my physical, mental and emotional health with respect today. I am thankful and you should be too!  What are you complaining/judging about today? What are you spending your time thinking/worrying/stressing about?

Remember that life is a journey and you will die with a “to do list”. Wouldn’t you rather spend time cherishing the people that bless your life and make you a better person? I’m just saying.

Your in health, fitness and wellness,
Trina Medves

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