Kids have their own stress.  Although it may seem simple to us, it is very real and stressful for them.  Stress and worry affects all age ranges from babies to teenagers and into adulthood.  Their stress is revealed in their behaviour (temper tantrums,  being stubborn, tears, anger, nightmares, sleep disruption, night terrors, eating patterns, etc.), leaving parents stressed and worried. Hence the circle of worry begins.

I owe this blog post to my little one who suggested “I would like you to tell all of your clients at Fit4Females about my Worry Box.  This way I can help other kids that I know who are worried too.”    What an amazing idea!

Almost from birth I have said that he was a ” worry wart, carrying the weight of the world on his little shoulders”.  Use whatever words you want to describe it, anxiety, stress and worry are one in the same.  They simply vary in degrees.

How can you decrease the stress in your family and for your little ones?  Create a “Worry Box”.  If you want to get inside your child’s thoughts and find out what is going on in that brain, this is a must do.  We use the “Worry Box” every night as part of the bedtime routine and anytime stress is starting to rise.   This Box has created such a new and special bond in our family.

Have your little ones decorate their own special box.  Sit with them and be involved in the creation of the box.  We used a shoe box, you could use anything (kleenex box, etc).  Every night before bed, ask “what are you worried or thinking about today”.  The answers are surprising.  Write down their “worry”.  Don’t let them do it on their own and hide it from you.  The point is to decrease their worry and learn more about them.

Oddly enough, a lot of the stress in my life was decreased significantly.  Sleep patterns improved and morning mood was amazing.  With 3 kids, this is a good thing.  A Worry Box is my sanity saver for kids and families.

As always, send me your thoughts, comments or forward to a friend that you know is in need.

Yours in health, fitness and wellness,

Trina Medves

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