Fit4Females is proud to feature our weekly

MOW Challenge  (Motivation of the Week)

Join us every Monday.  The MOW Challenge is a chance for all of us to stop making excuses, be accountable for our small goals and receive support from one another.  All you have to do is tell us your 3 smalls goals and post them for our F4F group to see!  The challenge is free and you will succeed.

The MOW Challenge will include a weekly Tip or Inspiration from your Trainer, Trina Medves, to help motivate and inspire you.  I can’t wait to hear how my F4F fans are doing.

Are you up for the MOW Challenge?

Tell me your goals right now!

#1 – Fitness…
#2 – Nutrition…
#3 – Wellness…

Please post your comments below, on Facebook and Twitter  (#Fit4Females).  You need the support and so do I!

MOW Tip from Trainer

Trina Medves

Trina training

Get to bed 10 minutes earlier this week.  Sleep is the key to recovery, balanced hormones and happiness.  

Now get after it.

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