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MOW Challenge  (Motivation of the Week)

Happy Motivational Mondays at Fit4Females.  Now is your chance to join me for the MOW Challenge, stop making excuses, be accountable for small goals and receive support from one another.  Tell me your 3 small goals and post them on Facebook for our F4F group to see!  The challenge is free so start now.

The MOW Challenge includes a weekly Tip or Inspiration from your Trainer, Trina Medves, to help motivate and inspire you.  I can’t wait to hear how my F4F fans are doing.

Are you up for the MOW Challenge?

Tell me your goals right now!

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#2 – Nutrition…
#3 – Wellness…

Please post your comments below, on Facebook and Twitter  (#Fit4Females).  You need the support and so do I!


MOW Tip from Trainer

Trina Medves

Trina training


We get so busy we sometimes forget the power of giving.  This week I challenge you to give something free every day without expecting anything in return.  Here are some beautiful examples things you can give:

  • undivided attention to someone who is talking to you (this is not as easy as it seems)
  • a smile to a stranger 
  • a compliment to a friend or loved one about their inner beauty
  • a compliment to yourself about your inner beauty
  • a visit or phone call to someone who you have been putting off
  • patience and a genuine smile to someone you can tell is having a very “bad” day

Now get after it.

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