Normally, I don’t ever use the “F-Word””, however, one of my members told me she knew she saved her “Fat” pants for a reason and she is so proud to be out of them. She went  from a size 14 to a size 6 in just six months!  And so can you!

Julie Burgess-Nichols, Proud F4F Member and 45lbs lighter since February 2012!

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Do you want to feel and look your best? Have lots of energy? Feel supported by our amazing group? Have better health?  Sleep better? Feel less anxious? Have clothes that fit you? Get rid of those “fat” pants? These are a few results you will achieve at Fit4Females.

I asked my members to post their comments on Facebook to help you become motivated and off the couch. The response was incredible! Read what they have to say about Fit4Females and Trainer Trina Medves:

“Trina is incredibly motivating and inspirational. Her energy is intoxicating; you don’t have any choice but to be or feel positive and motivated and energized after you leave one of Trina’s classes! She pushes you to find the strength within that you didn’t even know you had. Once you find that strength,  hold-on tight baby ’cause it’s an incredible ride, one you won’t want to get off. Trina will stay with you every second of it!! We’re a team and we are all on the same journey. Long or short, we are all in it together with Trina by our sides!!” – Shari Marticotte

Shari Marticotte, Proud F4F Member

“My clothes DON’T fit because I went from a size 14 to a size 6. Getting up three times a week to attend Fit4Females has allowed me to feel confident with my body, given me energy I never knew I had, and has actually made me a happier person (minus the fact that I have to spend lots of money on new clothes…lol).” – Julie Burgess-Nichols

Julie Burgess-Nichols, Proud F4F Member and 45lbs lighter since February 2012!

Read 1 of Julie’s Testimonials here

 “I feel absolutely energized after every class… I leave feeling relaxed and confident!” – Sue Gojsic, F4F Member

“I bought a pair of size 10 pants today. I haven’t been a 10 since way before my kids. I have no doubt that Trina will get me down to an 8, or maybe even a 6!” – Ashleigh Spagnuolo, F4F Member

“Getting up and out of the house in the morning is always difficult with children. BUT, you’ll be thanking your lucky stars you went to class because the positive change you’re making not only affects you, but influences your kids! I remember saying to myself, “You’ll never be able to feel better about yourself.” I went to one class and was hooked! I love my Fit4Females family!” – Lindsay Smith, F4F Member

These are just a few members who want you to feel amazing! Unedited photos and testimonials, just real people.  Please join us in a class (or two) because you deserve to feel amazing! Be the best version of yourself now!  Click here for our Fall Schedule.  Click here to Join our mailing listContact us now to find out how you too can achieve amazing results.

Yours in health, fitness, and wellness,

Trina Medves

Owner and Trainer


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