It’s all in the way you look at things.  Can you imagine what it feels like to be nominated by your Members and Team Leaders and find out you are awarded as the canfitpro Top 3 Fitness Instructor Specialist of the Year for Canada?  This was my first time being nominated and I made Top 3!  What an incredible honour both personally and professionally.  I have been blessed with a successful business that is 8 years strong, loyal members and some very powerful Team Leaders at Fit4Females that inspire and lift me up daily.  Flip side, can you imagine imagine the pressure that comes along with this nomination?

Top 3 FIS

I sat at the canfitpro Closing Ceremonies with thousands of Fitness Professionals, my  supportive Team Leaders, family, friends and some of the best in the industry.  How did I get here and how lucky am I?  16 thousand delegates attended the World Fitness Expo in August and I was Top 3 in a sea of excellence, front row!  Let me process that for a moment… YIKES!

Anxiously waiting for my name to be called, heart pounding, I realized I was a winner despite the outcome.  This nomination didn’t come lightly, the process is serious and the accomplishment was BIG!  Unfortunately, my name was not called, it just wasn’t my time.   At first there was sadness “it’s not me, WTF – what the fitness!”  My thinking then changed “wow I made it here, my time will come”.

My daughter sat beside me and cried and I mean cried!  I turned to hug her and asked, “Why are you crying?” “Mommy, I’m so sad you lost, you really wanted to win this award”.  It completely broke my heart and for a moment, I felt like I let her and everyone else down.  The expectations were high that I was going to win and I could feel the disappointment, I really thought my Team was going to stand up and yell “WTF” what the fitness!  Now that’s support.

A Small portion of my incredible team!

Team Leaders canfitpro

I gave my daughter a big hug, I let her cry and I told her that she was looking at it all wrong.  I didn’t lose, it wasn’t my time, I reminded her that I already won Top 3.  I asked her to look around, I had the biggest support group there, my Team Leaders, friends and family showed up,  I was blessed to have touched so many lives.

Competition is hard and we all get down on ourselves and the reason people don’t aim high is because failure can suck.  To some, it might look like I “lost” and to others “I was already a winner” but it’s all about perception.  I have failed many times and it only makes me stronger.  Celebrate your wins even if they seem like a loss.  I believe that things come when it is your time and bigger things are going to happen for me.

Not long after the awards announcements, my youngest daughter was called onstage to sit alongside the award winning Jully Black while she sang my Mom’s favourite song, “Everything’s Gonna be Alright” by Bob Marley.  A coincidence some might say.

I was living exactly in the present moment of what was supposed to “be” and my daughter was shining. I cried watching her on stage and listening to the words of a powerful role model singing my favourite song.


I may not have taken the number one spot but I remain the Top 3 in Canada and I am supported by people whose lives I have inspired.  You can bet I will be bringing it even harder and better.  Never stop believing in yourself, never let defeat or what seems like failure bring you down.  Let it rise you up, be stronger, push harder and know that right now is exactly where you are supposed to be.

I will be sharing everything all that I learned at this incredible Fitness Expo so make sure you’re following us!  Thanks for your support F4F.

July Black’s Performance with Taylor

This is what is feels like in a sea of 16 thousand Fitness Professionals!

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