If your sluggish mid afternoon and suffer from an afternoon crash that leaves you with sugar cravings, here are seven tips for you to implement.  Stop reaching for treats, sweets and making the wrong choices as soon as that “afternoon crash” hits.  Two of our Fit4Females community members wrote in my Private Talk with Trina Facebook Group asking “how to overcome her weak spot in the day”.   Here are my Afternoon Crash Tips for you.

Afternoon Crash?  7 Tips to Boost Energy

Members wrote….

“How do I beat the afternoon slump?  For the last couple years I have found that between 2-3 pm I am head bobbing at my desk, feel sluggish and tired.  Is it food?  Exercise?  What can I do to get the most energy during work hours?  I would prefer to stay away from caffeine”.

Around 3 pm, I’m out of energy reserves, feeling depleted, and I just want to eat. I end up falling off track and then each morning becomes a “re-start”. A vicious circle. I am seeking some advice on how to overcome this weak spot in my day.”   Practice these seven tips consistently and eventually they will become a habit.


#1 Water for the Win: Are you hydrated

  1. Stay hydrated – even mild dehydration can lead to hunger and cravings
  2. Read:  Am I drinking enough water
  3. Try my Lemon Detox Water Recipe to increase your energy
  4. Remember that many foods contain water as well

#2 Juice it in place of caffeine

#3 Morning Routine  

  • No more hitting the snooze button, get right out of bed (scientifically proven to reduce brain fog)
  • Eat Breakfast to avoid the afternoon crash, try these Breakfast of Champions Ideas
  • Being more organized and having time to do all these things requires a better routine. Try this:  4 Tips for a Better Morning

#4 Sleep Schedule

#5 Workout

  • You have to spend energy to create energy
  • Force yourself to a workout or walk so that you create more energy in the long run
  • Stand up often and get the blood flowing in your body
  • Start with these workouts
  • Remember:  you don’t have to have a hard core workout, any movement is beneficial!

#6 Peppermint Oil

  • Peppermint oil is said to improve productivity and energy
  • Mist it when you are working

#7 Recipe Snacks for an Afternoon Crash

Energizing Green Juice

7 Day Detoxifying Juice

3 Quick and Easy Snacks that I love 

Chocolate Banana Protein Smoothie 

Chocolate Coconut Protein Balls

Everything Free Chocolate Cupcakes

Immune Boosting Latte

Salted Almond Protein Bars

Yogurt Protein Parfait

Try this Pinterest Recipe Board 

Try these 5 Smoothie Recipes to Cut Cravings FREE DOWNLOAD



  1. Even mild dehydration can make you hungry, read more
  2. Benefits of Peppermint Oil
  3. Benefits of vegetables and juice
  4. Chocolate Cupcakes Everything Free
  5. 4 Tips for a Better Morning
  6. Free Facebook Group for Support

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