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Features of Our Partner Program

Commission Override

We give special treatment to our Top Affiliates and JV partners by giving them higher commissions.

Instant Toolbox Access

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Recurring Commissions

We pay affiliates both one-time or monthly recurring commissions for the life of the subscriber.

Multi-Tier Affiliate Program

We offer multiple tiers of commissions, not just one. So you can create an incredible revenue stream under.

Lifetime Affiliates

Once an affiliate is “tied” to a member’s account, that association is forever. And the member now forever belongs to this affiliate. So any future purchases made by this same member (using same account) will always result in commissions being credited to the same original affiliate, regardless of which other affiliate’s id they click on before making a purchase.

Global Affiliate Link

There’s just one “core” (default) affiliate link that you can use to promote Fit4Females, and regardless of which product the referral ends up buying, you will get paid on all of those purchased products.