I did this 5 minute ABS and Arms at Home workout today because I was short for time.  Check out the Video ABS and Arms 5 Minute at Home Workout below.  I called this challenge 5 Alive because it was 5 moves that are really challenging on our ABS and Arms.  Your goal is to work up to progressions through the month.  Don’t give up even though it’s tough, do what you can.  This ABS and Arms workout is a real burner and although it’s only five minutes, it packs a lot of strength with your own body weight.

ABS and Arms Workout Challenge

Move #1 ABS and Arms Workout

30 seconds of R arm spider plank / 30 seconds L arm spider plank *start on your knees, push up to left arm then right and lower back down with singles, keep your body in a straight line, progress to toes as you get stronger

Move #2 ABS and Arms Workout

abs-and-arms-workout1 min – One close grip tricep push up with 1 high plank tap on L & R leg, repeat, hands approximately shoulder width apart, perform a push down and up, tap a leg to the right and then the left

Move #3 ABS and Arms Workout

1 min of mountain runners * high plank position driving the left leg in, repeat on the right, abs tight

Move #4 ABS and Arms Workout

30 seconds of R side Plank / 30 second L side Plank * on elbow with top leg to support, relaxed top arm, full side plank if you are strong enoughabs-and-arms-workout

Move #5 ABS and Arms Workout

1 min of side forearm plank with R&L leg lift glute squeeze *knee or toe plank with a single leg glute squeeze, long spine and squeeze the glutes

Total Time: 5 min

Tips for Workout

Use a stability ball for the last 3 exercises if you are advanced.

Minimal breaks in between, move from each exercise as quick as possible.

Full range of motion.

Say HI!

We are always delivering quick and easy workouts that you can do anywhere.  Stay posted on our blog for more videos and leave us a comment.

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