Thursdays with Trina is an emotional one. I have so much to say as this week I have lost a very close friend, Nicola Jones.  She was an inspiration to so many of us.  I would like to honour this strong and powerful woman by challenging you to one of Nicola’s Prescription 4 Peace daily homework challenges. I am asking Fit4Females fans, members and followers to join the challenge as a tribute to Nicola who sadly passed on to be an angel last Sunday. Let’s celebrate her life and ours by doing her challenge.

Nicola Jones 1973 – 2014

“Prescription 4 Peace and Fit4Females weekly challenge: Do the one thing you have been avoiding this week. Stare down that challenge you may normally take a wide step around because you lack the confidence or (you think) talent to do it. Skipping something because we wont be the best at it only means we cheat ourselves out of knowing and experiencing ourselves a little deeper. Take that dance class, do a road trip alone, call that guy or …simply say no instead of yes. Take centre stage and screw the critics- this is your show!

Be fearless with me…push yourself and grow on. ” Nicola Jones, Prescription 4 Peace

Please share this beautiful post and please take the challenge. Go out and live.


Nicola flew to Mexico for her last hope in treatment in her cancer journey.  Sadly she lost her battle however we can give her and her family peace by joining the Celebration of Life Fundraiser next Tuesday, October 28 at Liuna Station.  Today is the last day to purchase your tickets on line.  If you cannot attend, please consider a small donation which will truly help benefit her little boy and all of the medical expenses she incurred fighting for her life.  There are also other ways to help as follows:

To Support Nicola’s Family and Medical Expenses

Click here to purchase tickets

Click here to donate – every amount adds up

Attend Moksha Yoga Hamilton the weekend of November 1st & 2nd all staff at MYH are volunteering their time, and all proceeds from class and retail sales will go directly to Team Nicola. Click here for details.

Save the Date:  Fit4Females will be hosting a Meditation for Healing on Wednesday, November 5 at 8pm – Details will follow *all proceeds will be donated to Team Nicola

Nicola would thank you with open and non judgemental  arms.



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