The Fit4Females free A-T-T-A-C-K Challenge is having a positive effect on everyone.  Join us in the last week and be a part of our  Facebook Event, support on line, in classes and between all of our members and fans.   A big congrats to everyone working towards their life changing goals!



and the A-T-T-A-C-K Fan Winner is…

Shannon-Leigh Chandler!

Shannon-Leigh’s story is very inspiring.  She is the Mom of two little ones and she is expecting a third.  She has been working out with Fit4Females in Stroller Fitness classes regularly during her third pregnancy and is almost 39 weeks pregnant.  Shannon-Leigh is an inspiration to all of us to get up and just do it!  We are so excited to announce her as our Week 3 winner.  Way to go Shannon-Leigh!

Shannon-Leigh Chandler

Why should I be attack fan of the week?
My goals included drinking more water, making it to stroller class as often as possible and taking a little time to myself before the baby comes.
I achieved all my goals this week and it has definitely helped me get through these last few weeks of pregnancy. I have replaced 3 of my “other” drinks a day with Perrier water and set up my day so cleaning etc is done during the day and when the kids are in bed at 7:30 I take that time to do something I love that doesn’t include cleaning up. I read, watch tv or have a warm bath before I head to bed its been awesome. Most proud of my fitness goal. Still made it out to Stroller Fitness class this week despite being exhausted, almost 39 weeks pregnant, uncomfortable and already almost 4cm dialated. I’ve never worked out during a pregnancy but with Trina Medves’ support and guidance I know I can safely and comfortably work out and will do so until we meet our baby girl!”

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