It’s Thursdays with Trina and today I beg you to please help my dear friend to battle, battle, battle. She is literally battling for her life right now. Take a moment to help if you can.  She is at her last stages in Canada for cancer treatment.  I urge you to be GRATEFUL FOR YOUR HEALTH AND STOP COMPLAINING.  I know we don’t like to think about tragedy but the reality is, Nicola is fighting for her life, she is a Mom to a beautiful young boy and for those of us that can, we should help.  She is the most selfless person I know.

I just saw Nicola on Tuesday and let me tell you, she is just in a borrowed body right now, her mind, spirit and inspiration is stronger than any of ours put together.  I presented her with the money that we raised in our Karma classes, $1615 in total!  Way to help Fit4Females Family!  She was filled with gratitude and joy.  The cards and the special book we created was also given to her.

Nicola photo bombing my wheel chair ride after my Hip surgery xo

Nicola and Trina

A Message from Nicola

“My dear friends

Thank you so very much for expressing your love for me in doing what I would most want you to do: enjoying and loving your own bodies and spirits. I am just humbled by the money you raised to support me and my son through my journey back to health. It has been a tough road but knowing you are behind me has given me strength in some scary moments. Yes I am in the trenches but I will crawl out. Make no mistake , I plan to heal and I have a life I am determined to reclaim. I am done asking why- the how and when are all I care about now. Thank you for your part in the how and making “when” feel closer and more possible.

I love you all, my blessings to each of you. Now please close your eyes, take a deep breath and picture me running the rail trail and gulping air with abandon and joy!  X Nicola”

Fit4Females Run1

Two Ways to Help!

Join Fit4Females on Tuesday, October 28 for a Fundraiser Event at Liuna Station with Nicola!  If you can donate raffle prizes let us know.  Click here for details.

Please click here to donate, etc.  Thank you xo!

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