8 Week Express Fit

 Express Fit is an 8 week Online Program that allows you to go at your own pace while addressing fitness, nutrition and lifestyle habits to live a better you.  Work in the comfort of your own home with a Program created by Canada’s #1 Fitness Instructor Specialist which includes workouts, nutrition tips and motivation.  This is a go at your own pace program with no group coaching meetings with Trina.


  • With accountability and getting started
  • Eat cleaner
  • Schedule workouts
  • Change bad habits 
  • Be with a group of like minded women
  • Increase your energy
  • Finally put yourself first

Enjoy results that last

Girl, this is 4 you if you:

Are ready to move, commit and take my tips and advice

Are ready to work from the comfort of your home or or anywhere

Are tired of excuses and ready for positive change

Need something to kickstart your procrastination?

Forget tomorrow, DO IT NOW!


Are you ready for change?  Then I have solutions 4 YOU


Sarah H.

Jenn F.

Ashley B.

Sharon D.

Sandee C.

Ashley G.


Learn proper techniques for your at home workouts and stay accountable to showing up for YOU.  Workouts are mainly body weight with the option to add minimal equipment.  Make the workout a 10 minute or 30 minute challenge.  You decide how much time to commit to!

  • One Weekly WOW Video – Workout Of the Week *Including 8 at home bodyweight workouts with the option to add minimal equipment such as dumbbells and a stability ball ranging from 15 – 30 minutes in length ($400 value)

  • One Weekly WOW PDF Fitness Worksheet breaking down the workout for you to track ($280 value)


As a Certified Nutrition and Wellness Specialist, I can tell you that what you put into your mouth is crucial to your success.  This is not a DIET!   I will include realistic suggestions to incorporate in your life and achieve your best results – proteins, carbs and fats is where it’s at!

  • One Weekly NOW Challenge *Nutrition Of the Week *Includes take action to do’s, easy tips for positive change, suggestions to get lean, healthy and fit ($700 value)

  • Food Journal Tracking Worksheet ($45 value)

  • Smart Cart Grocery List *Includes suggested Fat Fighting Foods, Favourite Protein Sources and more ($140 value)

  • Trina’s Secret Weight Loss fighting foods and some recipes (priceless!)

  • Detailed Getting Started Success Guide


I am known in the Fitness Industry as a “Master Motivator” and I have an endless supply of motivation when you so desperately need it.  My clients often tell me that I have a crazy sixth sense and I somehow know “exactly what they need when they need it”.

  • Kick off email every week to motivate ACTION in YOU (priceless!)

  • Weekly MOW Challenge *Motivation Of the Week *Includes tips, Talk with Trina videos or inspirational messages to inspire success and ACTION ($300 value)


Because I love to over deliver:

  • 3 “How to Accountability ” Instructional Videos *Includes How to 1) take proper measurements, 2) take Before and After Photos, and 3) properly check your resting and target heart rate ($150 value)

  • Bonus Video How to Properly Test your Push-ups

  • Invitation to my Talk with Trina Facebook Group with weekly encouragement and support from your Peers – your Coach will be watching you (priceless!)

  • Option to email us your Before, After and accountability photos every 2 weeks to stay accountable ($250 value) *they don’t go anywhere without your permission

  • Reflection and Accountability Worksheets *don’t worry, this isn’t school but let’s get to the bottom of that baggage that is no longer serving you – stress makes you fat! ($500 value)

This Program is a “go at your own pace” and do what you can.  For accountability, join our community so we can cheer you on in our Talk with Trina Private Facebook Group.

Regular $169

“Trina’s coaching is not a weight loss challenge but rather an awakening of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally.  In 8 weeks I could see my waist again, my skin was better (daily juicing does work!) and I was starting to feel that I was worth it!”

Nadia B

“The coaching Trina provides and the group as encouragement was great.  Also it felt like Trina was always there for a reality check I.e perfect with imperfect 😉  Trina’s honesty and realness connected with me.  She helped me to realize that my goals are attainable if I stop and take action.  After the 8 weeks I feel that I was able to deal with stress and PMS better!”

Julie C

“The program made me realize that your mind is a very powerful tool.  You can do anything if your mind is pushing you towards it.  I’m happy, eating healthy, and I’m exercising.”

Tomlyn M

“I learned in this Coaching Program that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.  A life change takes time and there’s more to the transformation than just eating better and exercising.  You have to deal with the mental baggage and other life stress too.  It’s literally a mind, body and soul transformation and it’s never truly over.”

Kristina R

“I felt amazing at the end of the program ! For the first time in my entire life I was eating well and losing weight … Without deprivation or starvation.  My energy levels were amazing and I felt strong in my workouts.”

Ashley B

“Trina has changed my life in the last 3 years with Stroller classes and the last 6 months of coaching my diet and lifestyle changes.  This is something that I can maintain for my life, it’s not just a diet it’s a lifestyle change, which makes a huge difference”

Sarah H


contactI get it and my passion for helping women succeed is relentless!
  I’m Trina, the Founder and Owner of Fit4Females and the 2016 #1 Fitness Instructor Specialist in Canada for canfitpro.  I understand what you are going through.  My life completely changed when I got pregnant with my first child.   Suddenly I gained weight, lost myself, forgot about me, was exhausted and did not like what I saw in the mirror. train-kids

I am the Mom to 3 children and was able to get in the best shape of my life post pregnancy using my proven systems and take action practice that get results.

After getting in the best shape of my life, I suffered an unavoidable Hip Injury resulting in surgery which brought me to my lowest point.  I gained 20 lbs, lost myself and spent almot two years rehabbing for a “comeback” that made me stronger and better than ever.

I have created strategies that work and have helped transform hundreds of women for 17+ years and they are just like YOU!

My approach is simple, no BS, no quick fixes or diets.  My proven strategies will help you get results that will last throughout your lifetime – Trina Medves


Express Fit is specifically a go at your own pace program.  Do not feel like you are ever behind. Do the workouts and nutrition challenges according to your schedule.  You can decide to go all in or ease into it.  Only you know best what you are able to commit to and handle.  Workouts are designed to be quick and easy.  Feel free to mix them up however you like.

8 weeks is just the tip of the new YOU!  Express Fit will teach you healthy habits to change your life.  This is a journey and will help you focus on dealing with the demands and chaos of life.  Keep implementing the strategies I give you and before you know it your disciplined lifestyle will become habitual.

Real, down-to-earth ingredients: for the most important foods to achieve your best results – proteins, carbs and fats is where it’s at!  If you can’t pronounce the ingredients, chances are its not in this Program.

Express Fit was designed to help you become accountable, eat cleaner, change bad habits, get stronger, leaner, increase your energy, lose inches and weight and feel your absolute best.  Your results depend on the effort you put into this Program.

Express Fit is specifically a go at your own pace program.  Do not feel like you are ever behind. Do the workouts and nutrition challenges according to your schedule.  You can decide to go all in or ease into it.  Only you know best what you are able to commit to and handle.  Workouts are designed to be quick and easy.  Feel free to mix them up however you like.


I AM…….

  • Ready to commit, move and put all of the tips into action

  • Ready to put myself first

  • Ready to make positive changes

  • Willing to succeed because I can do it!

Regular $169

One of the many wins from a past Express Fit Member, Tomlyn M: