I had a very honest discussion about body image issues with a member and wow, we have a very messed up body image. Ladies we are so hard on ourselves when it comes to body image and we need to work at being kinder to ourselves.  Many women do not want to lift weights because they are afraid to “bulk up”.  It’s not possible so lift away.

Muscle for the Win

Ladies, you won’t get too bulky naturally, we do not have hormones like men do to get jacked to lift away.  The number on the scale is not a fair assessment for you.  Nobody has ever guessed my weight correctly in my entire life. Forget the scale and use goals such as how your clothes fit, inches and how your muscles are looking.   Here are 8 Benefits of Muscle to be lean and fit and have better body image.  Muscle is where it’s at.

8 Benefits of Muscle

Everybody likes a certain body type.  Some of us are chasing a type that we will never achieve because it doesn’t match our own body type.  Be realistic.  Which body type do you prefer?  Some people like the dancers look – long and lean, some aspire to be “skinny” and some like a more muscular appeal.

I look up to a woman who has muscle.  Yes, I love muscles!  They look strong, athletic and sexy and most importantly because I know how much it takes to achieve and keep them. It’s not easy.  It starts in the kitchen and ends with hitting the weights.  I love the balanced look of muscles.  Hence why we include weights in all of our Programs at Fit4Females.


8 Benefits of Muscles 

Our 28 Day Shape Up Program addresses workouts that help build and lean out your body.  So do all of our Fitness Classes like Boot Camp, HIIT, Stroller Fitness and Online Programs.  Aside from muscles being sexy (as if that’s not enough) here are other reasons why you want more on your body:

  1. Muscle gets you lean  and  helps  reduce  body  fat.8-benefits-of-muscle
  2. More muscle makes you stronger physically and mentally because you have better body image
  3. Your BMR will increase when you have more muscle (basal metabolic rate), which means you burn more calories at rest (that’s right, when you are just sitting on the couch, on your computer – amen!)
  4. Strength training plays a major role in weight loss so muscle up
  5. You burn extra calories when you weight train and increase muscle *you burn when you are actually lifting the weights and after the fact – Bonus
  6. Muscle is active tissue and is constantly burning calories – just had to repeat #3 because HELLO
  7. You are less likely to have pain (back, knee, etc.)  when you have a solid muscle brick house
  8. Muscle takes up less space in your body as it’s more compact therefore making you look slimmer

N8-benefits-of-muscle-trina-liftingo need to run out and become a power lifter ladies!  Body weight training can help you build muscles too.  So, if weights intimidate you don’t worry, you can start with body weight and progress when you are comfortable.  Who wants to build some muscles?  Get after it.  We are always ready to help you with your goals at Fit4Females and in the meantime, how about you start with 10 – 30 pushups?  FYI: You won’t get “too big”.  We just don’t have enough testosterone to grow big so don’t be afraid and pick up a dumbbell!

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