It’s Thursdays with Trina and I have homework for you!  I want you to take a look around and I mean a serious hard look at where your life is now and where it is headed.  Who fills your circle and your bucket of life?  Do you find your self saying “My life sucks, why does this always happen to me?”  Are you jealous of others instead of being happy for them?  Are you the type of person that complains all of the time?  We have all been there, recognizing is half of the battle.

Problems Thursdays with Trina

Do not wait for a “wake up call” to appreciate your life.   When my Dad was diagnosed with Cancer in 2011 and died 7 short weeks later, I spent zero time complaining about unimportant things.  I did not think about work or wish I had done more,  I did not think about my to do list, I did not complain about my body or how I looked.  I spent time doing the things that mattered the most, simply appreciating my life.

I have had the exact same experience during my latest Surgery Journey.  I am living my life to the fullest, re-prioratizing and you can too.

Why do we spend time daily complaining about unimportant things when we should be spending every minute appreciating the life that was given to us?  No complaints about your waist size, what you wish you had or envious wishes. Life is too short not to love yourself and those around you.  Stop texting and start calling!  Forget all of the social media, meet in person, make a call, Skype or FaceTime.  There is nothing I appreciate more than talking on the phone with my friends (I secretly hate texting).


6 Steps to Change Your Life Today

  1. Stop and reflect for 5 minutes on all of the good in your life (this might seem easy but try it – no negative thoughts)
  2. Take an inventory of who fills your circle of friends and loved ones
  3. Make a mental or written list of who you want to spend more time with (never mind being “too busy”)
  4. Take an account of who makes an effort to be there for you and make the effort for them
  5. Spend more time with your loved ones and call instead of email or texting
  6. Focus on things that you have accomplished and tell people about them

You might not like the outcome of today, but you have the power to change the outcome for tomorrow.  Wake up and be grateful for life. Be active, eat well and spread your positive energy.

I want you to really think about what is important, the direction that your personal and professional life is headed and whether or not you are truly appreciating the people around you. Leave me a comment below so I know you are out there.

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