I am so honoured to have the privilege of coaching and training this week’s Member Spotlight.  This Member chose to keep her name anonymous but she is in her 5th week of my Train with Trina Online Program and also attends Thursday night Cardio Boot Camp.  The lifestyle changes and commitments she has made are paying off with the inches and pounds falling off! No joke!

This Girl Rocks! Member Spotlight

Tell us why you joined F4F?

My daughter was raving about F4F and encouraged me to join, best thing I ever did for myself!

What thoughts did you have before joining F4F?

At 55, I was not happy with my weight gain in the last couple of years, feeling depressed about it and realized the only way to change was changing my habits of eating and not exercising.

Tell us about your first F4F workout!

The first workout was difficult and I was in a lot of pain afterwards – it was also an eye opener, the whole atmosphere was very supportive, friendly and fun and most of all I felt so good afterwards!

Why do you love F4F and the Team Leaders?

Trina and the other Team Leaders are just so motivating and they have this positive energy and encouragement that just makes you push harder every time.   Love the group program and the awesome ladies I get to workout with.

What improvements have you made since joining F4F?

Although I had a slow start and low commitment, I am now at a place where I feel this is something I need to do for myself.  Since joining Trina’s Online Coaching Program I have changed not only my own life but also my family’s eating habits.   I am seeing results and feel I am finally accomplishing something positive in my life not just for now but moving forward!

Any encouraging advice you can share with our Readers

Show up for class, sign on for the Online Coaching Program and keep going!


TWT 5 week results

Results Driven

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