It’s Thursdays with Trina and I want to inspire YOU today!  I’ve been reminding my Members about the importance of YOU!  We spend too much time dismissing our accomplishments, beating ourselves down and comparing ourself to others.  YOU spend 24 hours a day with the most important person in your life, YOU!  Have you acknowledged yourself today?  Have you given yourself permission to love yourself even if you are not the “perfect” YOU that YOU have created in your own crazy movie of YOUrself!

Stop criticizing yourself

I asked my F4F Members to really acknowledge themselves yesterday and no matter what to really look in the mirror and acknowledge, accept and love everything.  Even if you don’t believe it, like what you see or feel ashamed.  Keep repeating that you are great and eventually you will believe it just like YOU believe all of the self hate and judgment that YOU believe about YOUrself because YOU let it in every single day.  Stop the dialogue and acknowledge yourself right now because nothing is more important than YOU.  Can you be this brave in your mirror?  Worthy of the spotlight reminder to take care of YOU is one of our Members, Erika.  This post and photo went live on Facebook for everyone to see.  This is one of the first of many steps that Erika will take in this journey of self acceptance.  Hang on because it’s a bumpy ride!


5 Ways to Happiness Right Now

  1. LOVE YOU and your body for who you are, what it is and no matter what images society or magazines tell us what we should look like F-that – “Forget that” with a hard core mentality that says you won’t be in a cookie cutter box of “normal”.  Keep preaching the positive and just like you easily preach the negative to yourself – eventually you will believe it
  2. ACKNOWLEDGE that you are not perfect unless you change your idea of perfection
  3. Repeat daily that you are worthy of love, patience, self acceptance, success and any other thing that is bringing you down
  4. Face your demons and deepest darkest secrets
  5. Bring it!  Bring your best self by being the true you.  If people don’t like it, too bad, find someone else who loves the real you because of every ridiculous flaw, quirk and awesome that you bring

Get after it ladies and show me the rock star in YOU!

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