Thanks for stopping by!  As a Post Natal Fitness Expert for 11+ years I can tell you that us Moms are all the same!  We have a baby and we want back in shape the fastest way possible.  Sign me up right?  Check yourself before you wreck yourself!

Every Mom I see tells me the same thing…

I want pre-baby body back now!

I’m sick of my maternity and “Mom” jeans!

I want to lose my “Mummy Tummy” and all of the weight!

I want to do it as fast as possible!



HOLD UP!  You just had a baby pushing down on all of your pelvic floor muscles for 9+ months.  Check yourself before you wreck yourself.  Your lady parts will fall out if you don’t chill. Too many Moms sign up for an at home fit fix, find videos, join groups, or a class where the Trainer or Instructor just doesn’t know about postnatal fitness!


Both of these ladies had a diastasis recti (aka abdominal separation) and pelvic floor issues.  I had a hand in helping them rehab and Jeanette had a 4+ finger diastasis – read her story here.

They took the time to rehab, they did it slowly and today they are rocking overhead Kettlebell walking lunges in Stroller Fitness.  It won’t happen overnight but if you commit, you can be stronger than ever.


#1 Crunches will ruin you when done too early.  They will create intra abdominal pressure that you don’t need, they will not increase core strength or give you a 6 pack!

#2 The weight will be gone in time – start stair climbing at home, go for a walk, keep it low impact or sign up for a specialized Post Natal Stroller Fitness class – psst……We are #1 in our City for a reason!

#3 Start with deep belly breathing… Be committed and you will be the strongest and fittest you have ever been.  There is nothing like a baby to bring you on a health and fitness journey.

#4 Your pelvic floor needs time to heal!  Your lady parts will start to fall out if you do not treat them with respect.  I can help rehab you – find a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist *I can recommend one if you are stuck let’s start slowly

#5 I had 3 babies, I had pelvic floor issues and I took the time to rehab.  I did not get my six pack by crunching or pushing it too early.

There are tons of Fitness Programs out there.  Nowadays everybody is a “Coach” or a Fitness Professional, but how many of them are certified and knowledgeable in postnatal fitness?  That’s up to you to do your research before you start a program.

Put us to the test and see why we are #1, we care about more than just the number on the scale!

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