Halloween is coming and will power won’t always save you.  Those tiny chocolate treats that I see at the Grocery store are screaming “open the box and eat the Peanut Butter Cups already!”  I’m sharing 5 Tips to Stay Halloween Fit.  Remember this, what you eat in Private, shows up in Public.  Avoid digging in to your Halloween treats because before you know it those little wrapper trails can be found all over the place.  Those little “packages and bags” pack a serious punch on your waist line.


Fit4Females Halloween Tips to stay Fit

#1 TIP:  Schedule a Workout

  • Try one of our Fit4Females Free Workouts.
  • Small workout challenges that you can do at home or at the gym
  • When you work out, you feel and eat better.
  • I would have to do 72 Burpees to burn off one of my favourite Reese Peanut Butter Cups!!  Think long and hard about that.

#2 TIP:  Eat it all at once

Eat all of your treats all at once and let your kids do the same.  Get it out of your system.  It’s much better for your teeth and you won’t keep craving it over and over again.  Throw all of the candy out after 7 days.

#3 TIP:  Don’t spread it around

Get rid of the extra junk, throw it in the garbage, donate it but do not bring “left over candy” to your work place and give it to people you know!

#4 TIP: Sugar Buster

Sugar is a drug and hormone disruptor and it weakens your immune system.  It’s FLU season.  “I already ate so many treats, I might as well just spend the rest of my day eating junk.”  NO!  Get back on the fitness and healthy eating wagon right away!  Plan your next workout and Goal.

#5 TIP:  Reduce and Replace

Enjoy your treats then replace them with something else.  Halloween is only ONE night; don’t carry it into November.    Instead, enjoy this amazing Protein Parfait or these delicious healthy treats.  They are so cute and great decorations. Now I’m craving a clementine.


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Happy Burpee Halloween!

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