I have committed to sharing  information with you that will help you in your fitness, wellness and nutrition journey.   You can also follow me every Thursday for interesting “Thursdays with Trina” topics.  Have you tried my “Be Vulnerable and Let Go Challenge?”  This week you are going to make your life matter and give me a commitment with 5 tips to fall fit.  Now drop and give me 20 pushups because I have a daily challenge for you.  Here is the commitment I want for the remainder of August:

5 Tips to Fall Fit

  1. Have one warm glass of lemon water upon waking every morning
  2. Remove one bad thing from your diet *processed food, sugar, no late eating, too much fruit, too much bread/pasta, too much caffeine/alcohol.  Just one!
  3. Walk or ride a bike outdoors every day for 10 minutes
  4. 10 pushups every other day (pick whatever level is most difficult for you)
  5. Max Wall Squat hold every other day *record your time

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