Fit4Females would like to officially welcome aboard our newest member of the team, Miss Kayla Carr.  Kayla has been a long time member of Fit4Females and has been seen in and out of classes since moving to England to pursue her Law Degree in 2011.  By the way, Kayla would email us every time she was back in town “Hi Trina, can I come to class? I really want a kick butt workout while back in Canada”.  Even while busy back at home, she made time to workout.

Welcome Kayla Carr

Kayla Carr After Picture

Kayla is no stranger to exercise.  She trained hard as a dancer for 17 years and is very passionate about health, nutrition and wellness.  Kayla’s academics took over and she began her very busy and structured life at school.  As many of us can relate, fitness and nutrition takes a “back burner” to school and studying when you hit University or College.  Kayla found herself gaining weight and leading a more “sedentary school life”.  Here is her incredible story of her 30-pound weight loss:

“I am currently a student at Osgoode Hall Law School pursuing my Master of Laws. I recently just returned home from Birmingham, England where I studied law. Having been a long time member of F4F, I tried to establish a fitness routine in England. Before going to England, I had packed on a lot of weight from poor eating habits as well as not staying active.

 School was very stressful so working out was the only way to burn off stress, as well as those extra pounds that I had packed on while studying. In the last year I have lost 30 lbs. I have so much energy now and cannot wait to continue my fitness goals with all of you at Fit4Females.” Kayla Carr

How did she do it?  The healthy way! Commitment, sweat and exercise and a complete change of her eating habits.  Kayla is a very humble person and is not one to be front and center.  I felt an incredible need to share her story with you as we all know that weight loss is not easy no matter what stage you are at in your life.

Kayla Before and After

We are so excited to have Kayla as part of our Fitness Reception Staff.  Kayla will be the friendly front person you will see checking you in, answering your questions, helping with registration and she will also be sweating along side you in class.

Be sure to give her a “way to go” next time you see her!  Welcome aboard Kayla, we are so lucky to have you and congrats on your incredible life change and 30 pound weight loss.  Your life journey is just beginning.

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