It’s Thursdays with Trina and it’s time to move and feel alive with my 7 to 30 Day Live Fit Challenge.  No excuses!  Being grateful is something we take for granted every day and shouldn’t.  Time to change and wake up feeling alive, grateful for your life and get your blood pumping every single day for the next 7 to 30 days.

30 Day Live Fit Challenge

Every morning upon waking I want you to stand up, open and reach your arms up to the ceiling, push up to your tippy toes and say the word “GRATITUDE!” Say it loud if nobody is sleeping, quiet but meaningful if loved ones are asleep.

If you are in for the short term, this challenge is 7 days. For those wanting some “extra grind”, join us on the Blog every day or on our Facebook Event starting today until the end of August. We ask that challengers check in, comment and tell us what new positive words start flowing either in your morning or throughout your day and let us know how you are doing.


7 to 30 Day Live Fit Challenge Includes:

  1. Wake up, stand and up yell or say “Gratitude” every day!
  2. Do the Day Starter Fit Challenge (see exercises below)
  3. Writing down a word and posting it on your fridge, desk, bathroom mirror every day for the duration of the challenge– better yet, get a non permanent marker and write it on your morning mirror – watch them add up
  4. Look in the mirror everyday and tell yourself something nice
  5. Check in on the Blog or on Facebook regularly to stay motivated
  6. Like us on Facebook so you never miss our updates and tips

It’s no secret that I love the mirror! I have ever since I was a kid. My Dad always joked and said “here’s Trina, she can never walk by a mirror and not look at herself”.

For some it might seem vein, for me it’s necessary.  Some days I like what I see, others I don’t, but I look at that mirror every day and I remind myself that I am beautiful, positive and strong both inside and out. Strength in the mirror is what I remind myself. Go ahead and try it and see what you feel. It takes a lot of work but eventually you will see beauty and experience gratitude. Let us know what you learn.

post it positive note

Day Starter Fit Challenge

At some point (preferably first thing in the am – never right before bed) I want this:

50 Jumping Jacks, high or low impact – pump your arms either way

5 Pushups

50 Squats

20 Mountain Runners or any version of plank (10 each leg)

Repeat for 7 minutes! Record your rounds and let us know how many

After your Starter Fit Challenge, enjoy a breakfast, enjoy my “feels like you are cheating” Iced Mochaccino recipe here or any other recipe that you might love.  Here are some our Simple Recipes.

This challenge is free and is for motivation so use the share bar buttons below and invite your friends!

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