I am answering a common question and recently asked by Selena.  “Trina, what are 3 pieces of fitness equipment you could NOT live without?”  To choose just three was extremely difficult because I love a variety in my bag of tricks but I did it!  These are my three must have “at home pieces” that are relatively inexpensive.  These items would be different if I were travelling  (later post to come).

At Home Fitness Equipment “Must Have’s”


3 Must Have at Home Fitness Equipment

#1 Resistance Bands

They come in all varieties and are inexpensive.  For safety, I would purchase one with a cloth protector.  Bands are great for all fitness levels, those with injuries and those who are crazy athletes.  I use them for total body including upper body, legs, booty and AB-core moves.

#2 Core Ball

I can’t live without a weighted ball, mainly because it allows me to ball slam all of my Mommy rage out *Mom of 3 here!  Bad day?  Hello Core Ball!  You can do HIIT sessions with cardio, total body and a ton of body strength moves.

#3 Kettlebells

Oh how I love kettle bells.  They make you feel like an athlete and build incredible strength when used properly.  KB’s offer a total body workout, cardio, core, deadlifts, squats and so much more.  A must to incorporate into your workouts.

All pieces can help build strength, help with weight loss and increase the workout happy hormones “dopamine”!  If I am signing up for a Fitness Program or attending a Boot Camp class these must be incorporated in the Program.


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