Jodi’s transformation of 27 pounds lost is absolutely amazing but even more incredible is her contagious smile, the fact that she is so modest, inspirational and her killer pushups.  She is a beast, move over boys.

I would love to say that Jodi’s weight loss excites me but the truth is, it’s not just about the weight she lost, the fact that she has more confidence, she walks proudly, has more energy and is really strong as seen in this video is what makes me proud as a Head Trainer.  We teach our members to be strong and fit both physically and mentally.  “It’s you against you.”  Let this story inspire you as she does us.

Like most women, when I asked Jodi for a photo she said “I didn’t like being in front of the camera so I had to ask a friend who I knew has a photo of me!”


Jodi’s Member Spotlight


Jodi Nicholson Before and After Testimonial

“My introduction to Fit4Females started in June 2013 when a friend asked me to join a stroller class with her after I was complaining about not being able to lose the weight I’d gained during my second pregnancy.  Without thinking twice I brushed it off as too far to travel (60 minute round trip) and thought I could shed the weight on my own like I had done with my first.

Fast-forward a year later.   I still had the baby weight and I was again entering a summer with a broken promise to myself.  A promise I’ve made year after year and like most women I know “didn’t have the time, my kid’s activities came first and I could do it on my own”.  This summer I’d be “in shape”, I’d be able to keep up with my girl’s (6 & 2.5 yrs.) endless amount of energy, I’d be comfortable not only in my bathing suit but with myself!

I decided this would be my fresh start with my 40th birthday approaching, this would be the year I took care of me!  I would finally look in the mirror, feel a sense of pride in myself & smile.  I weighed and measured myself, picked up the phone and called Fit4Females. 

My first few months were anything but easy.  The classes were tough and I thought up every excuse not to go but everything changed during a September Boot Camp class.  I heard four words that were meant to remind us you get out of your workout what you put into it.  Four words I’ve said to myself everyday since: ”It’s you against you.”  I was reminded that no one was going to do this for me.  I am my only obstacle and once I set my mind to something there’s nothing that can stop me.  Right after that class I made the decision to commit.  To change my diet & focus on the hard work that would produce the results I wanted and deserved.  Once I started to see results I was completely hooked! 

One year after starting Fit4Females, I’m extremely happy to say I’ve accomplished more than I initially thought I could.  I’ve dropped over 25lbs and 4 dress sizes, and developed muscle I never knew I had.  I have met every goal I set in class from toe push-ups to swinging a 45lb kettle bell and am now an official “Mudder”.

I would like to thank Trina & her Team for such a positive environment, continuous motivation and welcoming me into her family.  By pushing me outside of my comfort zone you’ve taught me I am stronger than I think and can keep going even when I want to give up.

I’m proud to say that at 40 years old I’m the fittest I’ve ever been and am a positive example to my daughters.  I’ve learned that you “can’t out work a bad diet”, slow & steady wins the race and strong really is the new skinny!”

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