When I was up every night nursing, sleep deprived, exhausted, feeling lonely, broken, overwhelmed and in need of some “Mommy social time”, Fitness is the only thing that got me through it all. The first year of raising each of my children was the most exhausting of my life. Fitness continues to get me through every challenging day I face raising 3 beautiful but energy consuming and attention seeking children.  It is time to take care of you!  Nobody else is going to do it, you have to make it happen. What are you doing to keep your sanity? Join Fit4Females and be with other Mommies who are feeling exactly like you, exhausted, crazy and craving for their bodies back.

Take advantage of Fit4Females “Fall back into Fitness” sale now. It’s cold outside, vitamin D deprivation is starting to kick in, energy is starting to dwindle and boy are we feeling it. The Holidays are just around the corner and our waist lines are already starting to grow. Fit4Females is offering an amazing sale to help get you back into a routine.

Stroller Programs: Join your choice of Stroller Fitness, Stroller Circuit or Stroller Boot Camp for $25 off the regular price.  Plus, for every person you refer that joins a Stroller Program you will receive an additional $10 off.  This offer is valid to anyone, members and new members. Program descriptions click here:  https://fit4females.com/stroller_fitness_hamilton_programs.html .

Spread the word to other Mommies who need our help. Hurry, this offer expires on Halloween, Monday, October 31, 2011. Offer is valid for sessions joined from October to December 2011. We want to meet new Mommies.  Please quote coupon code “facebook”.

All classes are led by a Canfit Pro Certified Instructor and Nutrition and Wellness Specialist.  Contact us now.

Yours in health, fitness and wellness

Trina Medves

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