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Session #2 May – Aug 2021
Studio Workouts on Demand

Each workout is 30-45 minutes

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Measurements and Photos

Please take your photos and measurements.  It keeps you accountable and gives you a starting point.

Common FAQ’s

Read all the ones below, these two are the most common.

1) Equipment: What do I need for Class?

Click here for the answer to this question. Water and a sweat towel.  Classes can be done with body weight (dumbbells, mini band or resistance bands are a bonus).

2) Can I purchase a Mini Band?

Yes, email us here to request one for $5 and we will ship it to you or you can pick it up.

3) When are Replays available?

Replays will be loaded 24 hours after the live class ends as long as there were no techy issues.

Do at Beginning & End of Session

#1 How to Take Measurements

#2 Before & After Photos

#3 Properly Check your Heart Rate

#4 How to Test Pushups

Foam Rolling Recovery

001 Quickie Calf Release

Time: 10 sec demo
Plan: Release tight calves
What you Need: Foam roller

002 Total Body Release

Time: 3:30 min
Plan: Top to bottom foam rolling session
What you Need: Foam roller

Stretch & Active Recovery Classes

001 Flex Fit Trina

Time: 13 min
: Breathing, Legs, Balance Training
What you Need: Mat, optional yoga block

002 Active Recovery Trina

Time: 13 min
: 4 moves, pelvic floor, proper breathing, neck, hip opener, back twists
What you Need: Mat

003 Stretch Class Trina

Time:  17 min
: Pelvic floor, proper breathing, neck, hips, back release, longer poses
What you Need:  Mat, block or pillow

004 Active Recovery Trina

Time:  25 min
: 7 moves, 40 sec each active stretch recovery workout
What you Need: Mat, optional yoga block

005 Seated Stretch Recovery Trina

Time: 12 min
Plan: Seated stretches, hip, back, chest and breathing
What you Need: Foam roller, yoga block, pillow, towel or blanket

006 Lacrosse Tennis Ball Shoulder Neck Release

Time: 2:30 min
Plan: Release trigger points in shoulders, back, trapezius, neck
What you Need: Tennis or lacrosse ball

007 Deep Stretch Cool Down

Time: 10 min
Plan: 11 stretches hamstrings, hips, back, cobra, chest, shoulders
What you Need: Mat, quiet music to relax

Video on Demand Workouts

Workouts Mixed Equipment Needed
*Dumbbells, mini band, household items, stability ball optional

S21-001 Sat AM HIIT Shivaun 5-1-21

Time: 45 min
: 4 circuits, 2 exercises each w/ HIIT , legs, arms, core.
What you Need:  DB for biceps, deadlifts, rows; mini band if no pushups and water

S21-003 Tues AM Trina 5-4-21

Time: 45 min
Plan: Legs, core, rear shoulders, calves, no cardio
What you Need: Wall for sits, pillow, mini band, 5 lb or less dumbbells, heavy DB calf raises and water

S21-004 Tues PM Shivaun 5-4-21

Time: 45 min
: Tabata w/HIIT x 3, glute work at end, legs, arms, glutes
What you Need: DB or mini band for squats, halos, deadlift, triceps and water

S21-006 Tabata Thurs AM Trina 5-6-21

Time: 30 min
Tabata, boxing, biceps, legs, chest, triceps, core
What you Need: Mini band, wall sits, DB’s biceps curl to shoulder press/lateral raise and water

S21-007 CBC Thurs PM Trina 5-6-21

Time: 45 min
Plan: Core, hamstrings, quads, leg, biceps, traps 20 min, 8 circuits
What you Need: Mini or resistance band, DB’s mid-heavy and water *I used 5 – 10 lb DB

S21-008 SSS Fri AM Trina 5-7-21

Time: 45 min
Plan: Calves, core, cardio, glutes, legs
What you Need: Heavier DB’s for calf raise (option to do on step), 5-8 lbs for arms, mini band and water

S21-009 HIIT Camp Sat AM Whitney 5-8-21

Time: 45 min
Plan: Total body Tabata
What you Need: Dumbbells, mini band optional and water

S21-011 Tues AM SSS Trina 5-11-21

Time: 45 min
Plan: Legs, core, rear shoulders, calves, no cardio
What you Need: Wall for sits, pillow, mini band, 5 lb or less dumbbells, heavy DB calf raises and water

S21-015 Thurs PM CBC Trina 5-13-21

Time: 45 min
Plan: 30 min EMOM 60 sec to perform # of reps, total body heavy focus core, glutes, hamstrings, back, chest
What you Need: Mini band, heavy DB’s for swings, light DB’s single arm bench press bench/chair for plank blast off and water

S21-0116 Fri AM SSS Trina 5-14-21

Time: 45 min
Plan: 4 CX’s, balance, legs, glutes, cardio, chest, core
What you Need: Mini band, bench, chair or couch for assisted pistol squats, dumbbells optional and water

S21-019 Tues AM SSS Trina 5-18-21

Time: 45 min
Plan: Shoulders, triceps, biceps, abs, core
Equipment: Mini or resistance band, DB’s 5-8lbs, optional: bench for dips and water

S21-023 Thurs PM CBC Trina 5-20-21

Time: 45 min
Plan: 3 circuits, tri’s, bi’s, shoulders, legs, glutes, ABS, core
What you Need: Mini band or DB’s for triceps, biceps, shoulders and water

S21-025 Tues AM SSS Trina 5-25-21

Time: 45 min
Plan:  Glutes, hams, core, back, core, inner thighs, mini band punches
Equipment: Mini band, light DB’s for arms, chair, wall and water

S21-029 Thurs PM CBC Trina 5-27-21

Time:  45 min
Plan: Legs, core, glutes, lats, shoulders, strength focused
What you Need: Mini band or 5 lb dumbbells *optional stability ball or chair and water

Workouts on Demand Body Weight Only

Bonus: W21-001 BC Express Wed AM Whitney 1-6-21 

Time: 30 min
Plan: HIIT, Cardio, lower body
What you Need: Bodyweight, bench optional and water

S21-002 Mon AM BC Express Whitney 5-3-21

Time: 30 min
Glutes, body weight strength
What you Need:  mini band optional and water

S21-005 Wed AM BC Express Whitney 5-5-21

Time: 30 min
: 7 circuits, tTotal body, cardio, boxing
What you Need: bodyweight water

S21-010 Mon AM BC Express Whitney 5-10-21

Time: 30 min
Total body, cardio HIIT
What you Need: Water

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read

What Equipment do I need for Live Online Classes?2020-09-09T14:25:21-04:00

Classes will be mainly Body Weight with the option to include equipment that you have available.

Can I purchase a Mini Band?

Yes, email us here to request one for $5 and we will ship it or you can pick it up.

We have found these items to be most successful in ALL classes.  It is suggested to have this nearby in every class you attend:

Household items:  

  1. Hand towels, rags or face clothes to act as resistance and gliding discs
  2. Scarf to use as a resistance band
  3. Pillow *if you have a bigger one, add a pillow case to protect it *lots of great exercises with this
  4. A chair or bench for the workout lots we can d​o with this *your couch works well too
  5. Laundry detergent, cast iron pan *anything creative and safe for weights
  6. Backpack: Fill a backpack with heavy items for Kettlebell Swings, Squats, etc.
  7. Water bottle
  8. Your smile

Fitness Equipment if available:

  1. Dumbbells, if available otherwise a scarf or water bottles work well
  2. Resistance bands
  3. Mini bands NOTE:  Mini bands are available for purchase *free if you sign up for a Hard Core Membership
  4. Stability ball
  5. Bring along anything you have, kettlebells, slam ball, BOSU, etc.
How do I access & log into Live Online Classes?2020-04-29T15:25:51-04:00

First time free class? If you want to try a FREE class, click here and still follow the steps below.  We need forms from you first.

If you purchased any class, follow these steps:

  1. *Download the Online Meeting Program here. NOTE:  Zoom requires a two step process to sign in 
  2. Enter Meeting ID: for security reasons, please contact us via email here to request the zoom ID
  3. Enter the Password: for security reasons, please contact us via email here to request the password
  4. Join our Facebook Group: Request to join by clicking HERE
  5. Best way to reach us is via email here. *As much as we try, we cannot respond to all texts or social media direct messages.  To guarantee faster service, please contact us via email here

NOTE:  If you email the morning of or same night of your class, your email may not be responded to. Please allow enough time to request before your class so that we can get back to you via email.

Thanks so much!

Recorded Classes: When will the recordings be on the Website?2020-04-29T15:04:52-04:00
  • Online classes will be available within 24 hours after the live class *note, sometimes there is a delay that is beyond our control.
  • If the class is not yet loaded, please proceed to do another class on the list from any other day.

Thanks so much for being so committed to yourself and your workouts.

Gift Certificates: Does Fit4Females offer Gift Certificates?2017-10-09T20:21:20-04:00

Absolutely, they make the perfect gift for anyone and you can purchase ANY amount directly online here.

Do I have to be in good shape before joining a program?2016-09-20T20:41:20-04:00

No.  All classes and programs are designed to suit ALL fitness levels, shapes and sizes.  No two people are alike.  Classes are challenging and fun for all fitness levels from beginner to athlete.  No matter what your shape, weight or size, these programs are for you!

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