Yes, you read it right!  2014 calories were burned today in Stroller Fitness Circuit class by one amazing Mom.  Stop the excuses and get to class now. This is the time of year we all need it. The stress of eating, shopping, visiting, planning, office treats, holiday baking and your waist line growing.  We worked it hard today in Stroller Fitness Circuit – “12 Days of Christmas, my Trainer gave to me”.  Our amazing member Shannon burned 1100 calories in just 45 minutes.  Shannon left her Heart Rate Monitor running for 2 hours after class and burned an additional 914 calories!

How and why?  Circuit training works.  Not only does it work during the class but the after burn that your body gets is incredible.  Fit4Females provides circuit training in every Program, Cardio Boot Camp, Stroller Fitness, Tabata Boot Camp and more.

Timex Iron Man Heart Rate Monitor   on Sale NOW~  Shannon’s Results

Shannon is the MOM of 2 and has every reason not to work out but she MAKES the time! 

Fit4Females Programs deliver results.  All you have to do is show up and put in the work.  Classes are never boring, fun, kick butt and they provide results.


I am  so excited about the Programs and Shannon’s results that I am offering $10 drop in to every class until Sunday, December 23, 2012 (reg: $20).  Code:  SHANNON ROCKS.  Bring a friend and share this link now!

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Yours in health,

Trina Medves




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