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Fit4Females® 2012 Biggest Loser 6wk Challenge starts Jan 25- to Mar 8

370.4lbs were lost between 39 competitors in the 2011 Biggest Loser Challenge.   You do not want to miss this challenge!  1st place winner Sandee lost 23.1lbs and 12.12%body fat.  2nd place winner Lindsay lost 23.8lbs and 10.35% body fat.  3rd place Jared lost 10.03% body fat.  4th place Sara wasn’t far off at 10% body fat.  Time to take charge of your 2012 New Year’s Resolution.

Sandee at the start of the Biggest Loser Challenge

1st place winner Sandee featured above 23.1lbs lighter!

Many of you know that I lead a pretty healthy lifestyle. I train hard and aim to support my body with proper nutrition. I am human and not exempt from bad habits. I am busy caring for 3 small children, stressed, trying to manage a business and everyday life like the rest of you. In the summer, I picked up some bad habits (late night snacking, alcohol at summer BBQ’s or get togethers), etc. How did it affect me? It made my abs disappear and my waist line grow!

I did not have much to lose, which made things that much harder. I entered my new eating plan with a focus on healthy hormones and a decrease in body fat. I made the decision to start on September 12. What were my results only 6 weeks later? 9.6lb weight loss, a 6.2% decrease in Body Fat and 5.2 inches (2 of that was off my waiste line), having more energy than I ever had, clear skin, better sleep, less mood swings, etc.

As a Fitness Professional and a Nutrition and Wellness Specialist, it is my job to inspire you and help you feel as good as I do now. Fit4Females comes with experience, education and great feedback from our clients. Fit4Females is also proud to have won the 2011 Hamilton Spectator’s Reader’s Choice Diamond Award for “Best Boot Camp”. What a special award since the voting is directly from clients who have experienced my programs first hand!

The Fit4Females 2012 Biggest Loser Challenge will inspire you with Fitness and Nutrition knowledge so that you can become the best version of you. Plus, being accountable to someone makes us work harder and we are more likely to succeed and fall off of the band wagon.

Registration Fee:

$67 includes one 60 min seminar Wed, Jan 25 at 8pm (focus on fitness and nutrition tips) ($7 of the cost is part of the penalty pot money for the first place prize);


$47 for those entering just to be motivated, weighed and accountable ($7 of the cost is part of the penalty pot money for the first place prize – Excludes seminar).

How to Pay and Register:

  • Prepayment is required;
  • Email money transfer (email us for details); or
  • Drop off forms and payment to the Main office at Dofasco Park in a sealed enveloppe titled: Trina Medves, Fit4Females.
  • All contestants must complete the Biggest Loser Registration Forms (email us at the Contact Us link at the top of the page).


1st place: $250 Fit4Females Gift Certificate and all of the Penalty Pot and weigh in money (last total was $290 cash)

2nd place: $125 Spa prize from Paula at Rosa’s Day spa for an Ion cleanse and a Holistic massage.  Paula is amazing!

3rd place: $50 Fit4Females Gift Certificate

Start date: Thursday, January 26, 2012 7pm (beginning weigh in)
End date: Thursday, March 8, 2012 7pm-7:45pm (final weigh in)

Details at a glance:

  • You do not have to be a client or be in classes to participate (anyone can participate);
  • Recruit everyone, everyone, everyone;
  • This challenge is meant to motivate each individual to become the healthiest version of themselves;
  • All weigh ins will be done by Trina Medves at Fit4Females or designated person at the Dofasco Park Rec Centre located at 388 First Road East, Stoney Creek;
  • You must attend the first and last weigh in if you want to be eligible for the prize, no exceptions will be made;
    You will receive fitness and nutrition support at the seminars to encourage and educate you along your journey;
  • No matter what amount you have to lose this challenge is for everyone; and
  • This is meant to be fun and help you feel better about yourself.

Additional help with Programs or Nutrition?

If you are interested in any extra help outside of the contest, please visit the Contact Us page at www.Fit4Females.com. I can help with programs, private training or Nutrition and Meal Planning.

Contest Rules

1. All contestants must weigh in with your Trainer, Trina Medves (or person designated by your Trainer) on the same scale at the same time. This keeps things consistent (and honest).

2. Results will be based on the percent of body weight loss. The calculation is to take your actual weight (AW at end date) and subtract it from your initial weight (IW at start date). Then divide that number by your IW. Take that number and multiply it by 100 and you get your weight loss percentage. ((IW-AW)/IW) * 100 = weight loss percentage.

So if I start at 211, and I lose 5 lbs in a month and end up at 206.
That’s 211-206 (5 lbs.) Take 5 lbs. and divide it by my starting weight (211). 5/211 = .023697

Multiply that by 100 and you get 2.37%

3. “HAVE FUN”, eat healthy, and exercise.

4. The first weigh in will be on Thursday, January 26, 2012 7 -7:45pm (first come first serve upstairs at the Dofasco Park Rec Centre – you will not be accepted at 7:46pm).

5. The final weigh in will be on Thursday, March 8, 2012 from 7pm – 7:45pm (first come first serve upstairs at the Dofasco Park Rec Centre).

6. Weigh ins will occur every Thursday from 7 – 7:45pm (first come first serve upstairs at the Dofasco Park Rec Centre, you can bring your children with you). Stroller Boot Camp weigh in option every Wed (Jan 25 -Feb 29 at 9:15am sharp). No exceptions will be made for any other days or times.  You must stick to either Wednesdays or Thursdays.

Please note that if you miss your weigh in time you must pay your fee and you will not be eligible to be weighed in until the following week (you will not be weighted at 7:46pm)

7. The registration fee “MUST” be paid in advance to guarantee a spot.

8. You can join at any time during the first 3 weeks (but the longer you wait the harder it will be to win).

9. All monies owing to the penalty pot (components are enumerated in bullets 11-14) must be paid during the time of weigh in or prior to the following weigh in. If you have a bad week, be prepared to break out the spare change.

10. There will be a $1 weigh in fee per week applied to all contestants.

11. There will be a penalty fee of $1 applied if your weight stays the same.

12. There will be a penalty fee of $1 if you miss weighing in. This dollar will be combined with the weekly weigh in fee of $1, for a total of $2 dollars each time you miss a weigh in. If you know you are away, please pay in advance.

13. There will be a penalty fee of $1 added for each pound gained. (i.e. Gain 3 pounds, you owe $3, applies to past week’s weight, not starting weight).

Why should you sign up? Why wouldn’t you! Don’t wait another minute, register and sign up early and set your goals now. The Fit4Females Biggest Loser Challenge is great motivation and group support. Get everyone on board and spread this information.

Yours in health, fitness and wellness,

Trina Medves


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