It’s the time of year for Holiday cheer but if you are not mindful, you will be getting a bigger waist line from Santa.  Let’s face it, marketing is up with all of the festive holiday drinks, terrible appetizer choices at the grocery stores and many of us are skipping meals and workouts because we are “so busy”.  It’s the time to celebrate but within reason.  I’m sharing my 10 Trainer Tips to Stay Holiday Fit.  What are you doing to stay on track this holiday season?

10 Tips to Stay Holiday Fit


Holiday Tip #1 

Drink 1 glass of water for every alcoholic drink that you consume – Alcohol loves to bury those abs into a mound of fat and the more fat around the midsection, the higher the risk for heart disease.  Be mindful


Holiday Tip #2

Skip the hot “holiday special beverages” that pack tons of holiday calories; opt for an herbal tea (peppermint is my favourite) definitely skip the whip!

Holiday Tip #3

Take the stairs when you are shopping the malls and hurry up them.

Holiday Tip #4

Pack a snack in your bag.  This way, when you are out shopping or running late you won’t be left with unhealthy take out options and a serious blood sugar drop.  I never leave home without #4 (not as pretty as this but of course this photo is a beautiful share);


Holiday Tip #5

Have a big Healthy Juice or Smoothie before you go.  Try one of our recipes here and when you get there, try  a “small” dessert plate to eat your appetizers at the gathering/parties.  Do not go to a social hungry, this leads to thousands of extra calories;

Holiday Tip #6

PEN your workout in on the calendar otherwise it is not going to happen.  Make the time and be disciplined.

Holiday Tip #7

Stay on track now so that you are not left with extra pounds that you have to lose for the “January Resolution”.  Participate in our 10 Days to Lean and Clean Challenge

Holiday Tip #8

Stop being so serious.  Laugh, laugh, laugh – you get a good ab workout and a healthy dose of serotonin when you laugh.  Plus, you decrease your cortisol levels when you laugh thereby reducing your body fat.  It’s a win win.

Holiday Tip #9

Wear something that makes you feel sexy and preferably tighter fitting so that you do not feel the need to overeat.  Stop wearing baggy clothes, the tighter the better so you can manage how much you eat;

Holiday Tip #10

Do less and enjoy more.  The holidays are about being happy and celebrating, not getting stressed and feeling miserable.  Don’t skip your workouts or healthy meal planning.  Stay on top of it and spend more time with the ones you love.

Remember that what you eat in private, shows up in public – Think about what you are putting into your mouth and try a healthier option.

xo Coach Trina Medves

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