It’s Thursdays with Trina and it’s time for a free challenge and no more excuses.  Weight loss, strength gains, lean bodies and nutrition changes do NOT happen over night!   More importantly, they do not happen without work on your part.  Some of us woke up this morning with excuses, depression, anxiety, exhaustion, the “I will start tomorrow” attitude and some of us have every other excuse in the book. Time to change that now!

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The truth is, it’s hard, even for me. We all hope and wish for that “perfect body and the perfect diet” and none of it will happen unless you start somewhere, make a plan and FOLLOW through.  Abs are made in the kitchen and 80% of your Journey is DIET!

10 Fat blasting Tips

10 Summer Fat Blast Challenge Tips

  1. Stop making excuses and start right now
  2. Drink hot or cold lemon water every morning before breakfast for the month of July (add a dash of cayenne pepper if you want to boost your metabolism even more)
  3. Eat less processed food, sugar and unhealthy carbs – Journal everything this month
  4. Move more every day – When is your next appointment?
  5. Sleep more
  6. Eat greens – every day
  7. Commit to the Summer Fat Blast Challenge below or join us in a Program starting July 6
  8. If it’s white, don’t bite, nothing good comes from white flour or too many grains
  9. Eat foods with ingredients you recognize (don’t eat monosodium glutamate!)
  10. Drink my Energizing Juices every day

Summer Fat Blast Challenge

Join us every second day for a free fitness challenge.  We are asking you to commit to this workout every other day for July or two days on and one day rest, repeat

5 minute challenge, 20 reps each exercise and repeat

20 reps High Plank with an Oblique Knee Twist (10 each leg)

20 reps Russian Twist (no arched backs)

20 Reps Sumo OH Squat or Air Squats/Jump Squats if no weights are available

We are also challenging you to skip, run, do the stairs, burpees, power walk around the block or something high intensity that gets your heart rate up for 10 minutes a day!  Let u know on Facebook or in the comments below what you did.  We expect interaction at least every second day.

There is a print option in the share bar button below so Print this Challenge and Put it on your Fridge!

HOMEWORK:  tell me in the comments below why you need this challenge right now!

Here is a Video demonstrating all of the moves

Stop looking for a diet, a pill, don’t ask me about the latest shake!  They will not help you or your hormones.  Which choice will you make?

To be a part of this free challenge, please leave your comments below and or on our Facebook Summer Fat Blast Challenge event here.


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