Do you know how to be a meal prep ninja?  This live training covers how to be consistent and make it stick.  I’m dishing out the best meal prep Tidbits so that you can feel better, be energized and stop eating the “crap” that is not best for your body.

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How to Meal Prep, Super Snacks & Recipes

Our community is rocking, be sure to join our Talk with Trina Tribe.  We go above and beyond in our Live Sessions here.  Consistent meal prep is the missing link if you are trying to lose weight, inches, fat and manage energy and hormones.

Our Coaching Workshop Addresses:

  • Healthy meal prep to stop being a “yo yo meal prepper”
  • Organizing your meals
  • Super snacks and recipes to energize your day

#1 Schedule Date and Time

This is the biggest step to be consistent.  Look at your calendar, the week and season of your life and calendar the date and time you will actually meal prep. 

  • Decide when, daily, weekly and what time.  Mine is Sunday and top up Thursdays
  • Add to your calendar to stop the yoyo meal prepping
  • Start with a whiteboard or paper to list the meals you want to eat *I purchased mine for $4.00 at Dollarama
  • Whiteboards rock because visually everyone will know what to expect for dinner *amazing if you have kids
  • The act of writing  solves issue like “what to cook, not having ingredients on hand” and forces you to “actually do it”
  • It’s not enough to have Pinterest boards and plan “in your head”. Check out my Pinterest recipes here and write them down on your meal prep board
  • Write down your meals for the week on this board
  • Dedicate a “left over” day
  • Do 3 meatless meals a week for savings and better overall health
  • Schedule it in your calendar

Download my Kitchen Clean out Challenge check list 


#2 Organize your Meals on a Brain Dump and List

  • First a dump list *dump all meal ideas you love *my staples are Mushroom Gluten Free Pho SoupChia Jars with homemade jamChicken Taco Soup, Salads with honey mustard dressingTurkey Sausage Soup and Chicken bone brothcaesar salad
  • Second, once you see your meal dump list, decide what is realistic for your weekly meal plan
  • Third, pick 3-5 meals to prep for the week and write them on your board
  • Plan for one meatless meal and a “left over” day
  • Warning: Look at your calendar to ensure you have time  to cook that day – Avoid a busy day to make a complicated meal
  • Lastly, itemize every ingredient you need:  Make a grocery list *I use the reminder list on my iPhone and name it “Groceries” update it as soon as you run out of an ingredient in real time.

#3 How to Meal Prep and Batch Cook

  • Batch shop and cook on Sunday – 5 routines you can do, read more here *pick a day that works for you
  • Cook, make, chop or hire someone to do it
  • Use a crockpot or Instantpot / pressure cooker
  • Think of meals that double for other meals
  • When I make Taco Soup, some of those items will double for Sweet Potato Nachos
  • Chicken Soup can double for chicken quesadillas
  • Set aside a couple hours on a day and it will free you up your week
  • This is what I do when I batch cook Sundays, read more here

Super snacks and recipes to energize your day

I make a lot of these ahead of time.  Muffins are great to freeze too!

Recipes to Energize Your Day

Here are some of my favourite clean and healthy recipes:

There is a lot of info, what will you start with first? Thanks for reading.

xo Trina Medves

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